These button-like polymer pendants from Tel Aviv’s Hila Bushari were inspired by a glass artist. Multi-layered, multi-colored, multi-textured designs make for a sumptuous effect. And here’s Hila’s Etsy shop. Would some of her candle holders look good on your holiday table?

You may be waiting for a report on my Las Vegas experience but it’s taking me a while to digest all that I learned. This quiet midwestern girl is easily overwhelmed by the glitz and glamor of sin city. I didn’t lose a nickel in the slot machines but I managed to drop a significant sum in the Clay Carnival store. Polymer is a much safer bet for me.

  • reply Honolulu Aunty ,

    Aloha Cynthia!

    It was great meeting you and being a classmate in the “chatty” room at the Clay Carnival! It was an honor getting to know you and having you as a part-time oven watcher when Sunni was absent. Not that YOU were ever absent from class, lol.

    With fond memories and a hope that we meet again,

    Sarah, aka Aunty

    • reply Lynn Lunger/UnaOdd ,

      So sweetly charming! Lovely colors too. They remind me of the ornate, painted plaster ceiling medallions you see in very old buildings. Lovely!

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