Penciled polymer brooch

Bonus points are awarded to polymer artists who make work that looks good with the PCDaily colors! Today’s mixed media Phagocytosis from Annie Pennington is surely a winner. Annie’s also Associate Editor at  Art Jewelry magazine.

Her brooch combines sterling silver, copper, polymer, handmade wool felt and colored pencil. The richness of her strokes on polymer will have you digging through your art supplies for your long-forgotten pencils.

  • reply donna Greenberg ,

    I love Annie’s fearless use of multi-mediums to create her unique pieces. Very inspiring.

    • reply Liz Hall ,

      It’s great when a piece makes me go owww as the page/images loads! Really lover her work.

      • reply Ronna ,

        Beautiful. Annie’s use of color is inspired and she has a strong clear artistic voice. Thank you for this lovely start to the day.

        • reply Conny ,

          What a great symphony of colors – very inspiring work!

          • reply Annie Pennington ,

            What a great surprise! Thank you for featuring me, Cynthia, and thanks everyone for the kind words about my work. It’s an honor to be featured!

            • reply Dawn Stubitsch ,

              Love this!! The shape, color, texture….lovely.

              • reply Helen Breil ,

                Congratulations on the feature Annie! Love this piece! You have such a unique style.

                • reply Sherry Bailey ,

                  Love it!

                  • reply pati annister ,

                    BEAUTIFUL! I love colored pencils & their use on this lovely piece outstanding.

                    • reply polyette ,

                      Your work is truly wonderful!

                      • reply Lynn Lunger/UnaOdd ,

                        Beautiful! Yes, love the mixed media and gorgeous textures! I will have to dig through my supplies and give colored pencils a try. Beautiful!

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