Ron Lehocky takes a more benign approach to Halloween with his heart pins that support the Kids Center for Pediatric Therapies. Ron works on heart number 20,203 as he sits across the table from me at the Kentucky gathering. Artists generously send him their scraps and cane ends which he upcycles into new creations.

Guild members are also working on Beads of Courage and Bottles of Hope. Tonight I regaled them with stories of the Samunnat project. You can take pride in the amount of heart shared by polymer clay artists. We’re playing….see you Monday. Look, Ron added a few Nepali mirrors to his latest heart!

  • reply Luann Udell ,

    A mentor told me at the beginning of my creative journey that art heals the world. How wonderful to see that in practice! Thanks for sharing this, Cynthia. :^)

    • reply Shanna ,

      What a wonderful thing to do with your left over scraps!! I love UP-cylcling, especially when it is for a good cause.

      • reply rmkdesign ,

        I adore Ron’s work–and more importantly, the man himself. What an amazingly talented and generous human being. Go Ron!

        • reply Suzanne Ivester ,

          Ron is such an inspiration to all of us! I’d like to use that inspiration to challenge myself to use my art for the greater good, too! Thanks, Ron–and thanks, Cynthia, for the reminder.

          • reply Helen Breil ,

            Great Halloween collection Ron! I totally agree with the other comments – a very generous and talented man. What he does is so inspiring!

            • reply carissa ,

              what i don’t understand is how a man this busy with a ‘regular’ job finds the time to take all the weird, far out J-U-N-K that he gets from all over the country and turn it into one of a kind A-R-T. he is amazing.

              • reply Michele ,

                I love these hearts!
                What a blessing to create for such a worthy cause. Ron and Cynthia: you are both so inspiring.

                • reply Sherry Bailey ,

                  Ron deserves some kind of significant award for his mind-boggling service to the Kids Center for Pediatric Therapies! What an astonishingly generous artist (and doctor!) Ron, you ROCK! (And by contrast make me feel a little selfish! Which maybe I need to work on…)

                  • reply Carrie Neidlinger ,

                    These hearts are absolutely amazing! I saw a few other pieces by Ron utilizing scraps from Lindly Haunani the other day and was in awe. This man is a wonderful artist and great person and I applaud his efforts. If anyone has any info on how I can get involved in giving back with similar programs around northern Indiana I’d really appreciate it!

                    • reply Francie Owens ,

                      Ron is amazing! And so are his hearts! I have a nice collection of his hearts including about five Halloween hearts. I added to my collection this weekend at our annual Mammoth Cave retreat. It was great to see Ron and all of our attendees!

                      • reply Breil curves and cuts polymer | Polymer Clay Daily ,

                        […] The book’s gallery is full of real-life examples from artists you’ll recognize (you may have run into them here on PCDaily). This beautiful spiral version is from Ron Lehocky. […]

                        • reply Sandra Davis ,

                          Love the harts well don. Thank you

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