What look like pieces of broken Delft pottery in this Scherven Brengen Geluk are modern polymer good luck charms from the Netherland’s Linda Ezerman.

On the beaches and in the rubble of cities Linda finds her mixed media version of centuries-old remnants from a life that still shapes people today. Here’s an earlier PCD feature.

This month Linda’s earthy, edgy beach mixes look right at home in the middle of Amsterdam’s Sierrad International Jewelry Art Fair. Enjoy the photos and her impressive show portfolio. The link came to PCD from Annie Pennington.

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  • reply Selma ,

    Very interesting design! I love it, especially the piece with a heart. 🙂 Necklace looks so beautiful with combination of blue and white colors with gold metallic component.

    • reply Maria Petkova ,

      The work of Linda Ezerman always gives me such a inspiration!This one too!Wonderful idea if can’t find a real ceramic pieces on the beach 🙂

      • reply Ingrid ,

        Congratulations once again, LInda. What a great roundabout way to come across your work. Your Delft Blue is stunning.


        • reply Barb Lessen ,

          Your work is fantastic! Wonderful! What an exciting way to recycle and reuse!

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