Tumbling polymer blocks

There’s a buzz around the neat colorful tumbling blocks canes by Germany’s ST-Art-Clay. This updated interpretation of the historic quilt pattern uses shades of the colors to give the design dimension created by extruded triangles and edging strips.

ST’s colors are vivid and fun and she shows lots of variations on her Flickr page. You can see that she’s taken great master classes and that caning is her forte. She is able to control her canes in ways that many of us envy. Did you see her wildlife canes? ST is about to go wild!

The link first came to PCD via Cate van Alphen. Thanks!

  • reply Tavostia ,

    Wonderful work!

    • reply Barb Lessen ,

      • reply Francie Owens ,

        Wow! I loved the colors and the geometric patterns immediately but after looking at the first couple of pictures on her Flicker page, the pattern “popped” and I could see the 3-D of the tumbling blocks. Brilliant! You can see inside those cubes.

        • reply Ginny Henley ,

          This is true mastery and excellence in polymer clay. Throughout her Flickr pages she shows us nothing but a fine grasp of color, design, control and finishing. ST-Art-Clay gets my applause and a standing ovation.

          • reply Sandra Trachsel ,

            Thanks a lot for featuring my work at PCD!
            Thank you Cate for sending the link and recommendation!
            What a wonderful surprise. I feel completely honored!

            • reply Sherry Bailey ,

              What esquisite craftsmanship as well as gorgeoug design! I’m very jealous!

              • reply Sherry Bailey ,



              • reply Meisha ,

                I love this Bold, Bright cane. Just this morning, before opening Polymer Clay Daily, I discovered this artist’s work on Pinterest. I clicked on the Pinterest photo, and it took me to the Flickr page. I was amazed at the precision ST executes while applying techniques learned from the Masters. Beautiful, Designs, Color, and Finishing!

                • reply suzanne ,

                  what an awesome artist! her work is stunning and breathtaking and her colors and precision are phenomenal!!!!

                  • reply Priscilla ,

                    Ditto, Suzanne. I’m amazed at the amount of planning required to create those intricate “cubes.”

                    • reply Selma ,

                      Absolutely wonderful and breathtaking!

                      • reply Sandra D. ,

                        Cool design! amazing combination of colors.

                        • reply kt ,

                          Wow, and I thought piecing tumbling blocks for quilts was hard!!! I can not add more than what has been said very well designed art work one can see the free instinct at work with such artiest. Tip my hat.

                          • reply Kim ,

                            What an amazing and prolific artist! Such clean and beautiful canework .

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