The peek-a-boo quality of Donna Greenberg’s polymer covered glass vase catches your eye. Rich colors and patterns with metallic sheen add to the allure.

Organic shapes and rough textures replace the flowers and frills we’ve come to expect on polymer covered items. Donna’s bottles shake up our expectations on this Cyber Monday. Be sure to visit Etsy and other online galleries as you start your holiday shopping. Dan Cormier and Tracy Holmes offer this coupon for discounts on their tools and techniques today.

Here’s Donna on Facebook and her FB fan page for more browsing.

  • reply pati bannister ,

    Very very nice,

    • reply Selma ,


      • reply Evelien ,

        Wow, those are beautiful. I wish I knew where she got the basic bottles from. I used to be able to get similar bottles from a shop in Amsterdam but since I moved to NZ that has become a lot harder.

        Also a big thank you for pointing out the sale. I just bought the The Cutting Edge Combo Plus deal. Something I had my eye on for a long time!

        • reply kim ,

          i love Donna’s work!

          • reply Maria ,

            There`re plenty of beautiful works from polymer clay.Some of them aren`t only beautiful to you, but feel very familiar.Maybe because they are close to you as a worldview.That`s way I love Donna Greenberg`s style-the organic look and great textures.

            • reply carissa ,

              these bottles look like they’d hold something so potent that a thimbleful would knock your socks off! i love the colors and textures. great job!

              • reply Tracy + Dan ,

                Hi Cynthia! Thanks so much for the bump about our ‘Cyber Monday’ sale (I have to admit, I didn’t even know what Cyber Monday was until I started getting emails and notices myself from others!). It was fun to slap that 10% OFF tag on everything, open the virtual doors, give people a chance to pick up something new for their studio (or for someone else’s) and save a little off the ‘Edge’ at the same time. Cheers! T+D

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