Michigan’s Adriana Allen created what she calls her Flower Doodle earrings using her stamp pressed deeply into polymer. Several colors of paint are washed into the crevices and hollows to create what you’d swear was aged copper.

Adriana has had arthritis since childhood and says, “I never gave into it. I decided to ignore it, which has not been easy since it had paralyzed me at one point in my life and now it is close to claiming my hands. Every piece I create reminds me of this fact, but the disease cannot stop me from doing what I love.”

She doesn’t like to talk about herself but will in this case because, “…I consider it a proof of the strength of mind over body, and the power of creation over everything else.” Adriana tells more of her story in this month’s Polymer Arts Magazine. She sells on Etsy. She’s also on Facebook.

  • reply Mary Anne Loveless ,

    Inspiring story! Thanks for the tip. Those earrings are drop-dead gorgeous!

    • reply Rob ,

      Beautiful work, thank you. I pinned to one of my Pinterest boards. Rob G:)

      • reply Sherry Bailey ,

        Gorgeous! They look a lot like cloisonne.

        • reply Ginny Henley ,

          You go girl! The earrings rock.

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