This bracelet from Anja Overdijk (based on Helen Breil’s shapes) jarred me. You can move from pendants to bracelets and beyond using Helen’s ideas! Anja’s bracelet helped me see the possibilities.

Mentioning Helen’s book is karmic payback. Helen mentioned the Nepal women’s project to the Kazuri Bead folks in California. Because of her recommendation and with Wendy Moore’s help, the Samunnat ladies in Nepal will have their polymer beads for sale at the Tucson Bead Show. Don’t you love how that works?

Helen’s e-book is also dynamite in its own right as many of you have discovered. The link to Anja comes from Karin Breukelman who’s minding karma for the members of the Dutch Polymer Art Guild.

  • reply Loretta ,

    Beautiful bracelet – very organic.

    and bravo Helen for helping the lovely ladies of Nepal. The Tucson show will make a huge impact in their lives. And don’t forget you can support this wonderful group of courageous women by purchasing a piece from their Etsy site! T’is the season of giving after all.

    • reply Helen Breil ,

      Bravo to Anja for her very creative interpretation of her chosen shape. I’m still trying to figure out how the components are connected – I can’t see any elastic or cording – well done however she engineered it!
      And yes I am very pleased I was able to be a part of spreading the the word on the Sumunnat project and their wonderful work. I wish them great success at the Tuscon bead show!

      • reply Wendy Moore ,

        We can’t say enough how grateful we are to Helen for putting Paulette Walther from Kazuri Beads onto us. She has been a delight to work with and we are just about to put our beads (and hopes) into a couple of parcels to post off in the next few days! We have fingers and toes crossed hoping that people in Tuscon will love the beads. Helen and Loretta, thank you for your warm wishes. And polymer people, thank you for everything!

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