Squiggles in polymer

I’m out of town and out of time so I’ll lean on Ford and Forlano to bring you some Monday cheer with their Squiggle necklace from this season’s Artful Home catalog (always a sure thing for serious browsing time).

Wrap it, tie it, knot it! This polymer necklace can be twisted into lots of configurations.

Thanks for letting me play for another day. Happy New Year!

  • reply Triche Osborne ,

    The sheer creativity of these two amazes me. Just when you think you can predict their look, they move on to something completely different. Bravo on this newest one—what fun!

    • reply ilenia ,

      they are amazing, love his style, is use of materials and shapes, they are very innovative !

      • reply Maggie Maggio ,

        I remember when Lindly Haunani and Pier Volkous were first playing with this kind of twisted bead. Steve and Dave have certainly kept a great design alive!

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