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You can sense both the relief and the pride in the end-of-year posts from polymer artists who persisted through one of the 52-week challenges. These Rocky Path earrings are from JuLee Wolfe who chronicles her challenge on Pinterest. Here’s more of her work on Flickr.

Hats off to those who completed the difficult task of producing and uploading new artwork each week in 2012. You can see how their skills got better and how concepts were refined and rethought as the work progressed. They are an inspiration to the rest of us as we launch into a new year with high hopes of improving our art.

Here’s the earring group’s page. A new Brooch-A-Day group is forming here. Let me know if you know of other challenges starting up.

  • reply Anke Humpert ,

    • reply Anke Humpert ,

      • reply Christi Uliczny ,

        Beautiful earrings!

        • reply Lynda Moseley ,

          I’ve seen first hand JuLee’s growth as a polymer artist and her ever-increasing confidence in her abilities and talent over the last 2 years. She absorbs information from like a sponge and takes it in wonderful, new directions. I’m blessed to have her as a customer and as a friend. Congratulations on going the distance on the 52 week challenge (something I couldn’t do!) and on the PCD feature, JuLee. It is much deserved!

          • reply Cynthia Becker ,

            What a wonderful smorgasbord of beautiful earrings! With this look back, I wish I had participated.

            • reply Michele Norine ,

              WOW!! Congrats to all the participants – just went thru all the pics and the work is awesome and inspiring! Love these earrings JuLee 🙂

              • reply JuLee Wolfe ,

                Thank you so much for your tip of the hat in my direction, Cynthia. I was just reading about your collaboration with Lindly last night (download the new book as soon as it was available) and thinking that I would like to try your Rock on! Bowl idea. Then I wake up to find my earrings on your blog. Part of me wonders if I am still dreaming… LOL. What a wonderful way to start the new year!

                • reply kate ,

                  Super work so very inspiring.

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                    • reply Heather ,

                      I have agreed to moderate the 52 Earrings challenge at the Flickr group for 2013, so anyone who would like to do it this year please stop by! If doing it once a week is too much, we can look at switching the frequency too.

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