Lonely-hearted polymer

You may not be acquainted with Munny, Zukie, Bub, Trikky, Raffy, Rooz and the vinyl character gang but you have to admire what Dave Webb does with them. This Phoenix artist sculpts polymer over the plain DIY vinyl toys. His sculpts are both dark and cute. How does that happen?

It’s unclear whether Dave bakes his creations on the form. The manufacturer recommends sculpting on the form then freezing the piece. According to their instructions, the blank toy is removed from the cold sculpture and the hollow polymer shape is baked. (Let me know if that’s not correct.)

Take a walk on the wild side at his Pinterest and Facebook sites. The link was sent by Annie Pennington who was charmed by the little creatures. Have a wild weekend.

  • reply L Gevins ,

    I have had to unsubscribe because I kept getting the version of your blog that had URL links to only Facebook, Pinterest, Tweet or Share, all tools I do not use or want to use.

    It was very frustrating to click on something highlighted and be thrown into a Facebook page.

    • reply Cynthia Tinapple ,

      It’s good to hear your concerns. They’re mine too. It puts me in a bind, however, when artists use these apps as their only showcases. I’m mindful of your frustration and will investigate further. Thanks.


    • reply Meisha ,

      OMG! I love these cute little demon creatures. I’m a vinyl toy fan and hope to be able to add one of these beauties to my collection. Now, I’m off to explore the Pinterest site.

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