These six polymer pendants are part of Angela Garrod’s personal challenge to herself to make entirely hollow forms with unusual polymer bails.

She tints mica polymer with alcohol inks for the patterned pendants. On the black ones Angela uses matte and hi-gloss surfaces to provide more subtle tone-on-tone patterns. Rivets embedded in the clay add metallic accents. You can see more views of the pendants on Flickr.

Angela’s study reminds us that we don’t have to join a group or commit to a year-long experiment. We can simply set ourselves a goal and work toward it.

  • reply Ronna ,

    What a delight to peruse Angela’s Flickr site — elegant design and astonishing craftsmanship. Thank you!

    • reply Angela Garrod ,

      Thank you so much Ronna!! So pleased you like my work!! Angela x

    • reply Angela Garrod ,

      Thank you so much Cynthia for featuring my bails!! Great honour to be featured again on your inspirational site. Love Angela x

      • reply Carol Blackburn ,

        Lovely to see you featured again, Angela, well done.
        See you at the London clay day on the 27th, no doubt with more polymer treats for the ‘show & tell’ table!
        Carol xxx

        • reply Angela Garrod ,

          Hi Carol,
          Thank you so much for your kind words!! I will see you on the 27th and I will bring these along for the table. Until then lots of love Angela x

        • reply Ponsawan Sila ,

          I join the group called “Brooch A Day” this year. I will be making 356 brooches or pins, one each day for the entire year. The reason that I join the group, especially non-polymer clay group, so that I get to meet other artists who work in different medium. I get to see different ideas of how they come up with their design.
          I am sure, making pendants with “hollow forms with unusual polymer bails”, one can cover them up using 365 Polymer clay techniques, or even more.
          Personally, that’s not how I approach my work.
          If you haven’t try to “join the group” or “commit to a year long project”, I highly recommended that you try. I finished “Ring A Day” project in 2010, but was not able to finish other project in the past 2 years.
          Check out the “Brooch A Day” project on Flickr. Everyday, I have an “Ah ha” moment, “what a heck?” moment, I laugh and I smile, and I will try to keep up to see how far I can go.
          Angela’s works simple exquisite. May I borrow some of your ideas, pretty please?

          • reply Angela Garrod ,

            Thank you so much for your appreciation and your interesting comments!! As I come from an artist family and have spent years training I am all too familiar of other artists approach to work. So producing an item per day is just not my scene. Art has to be savoured and is mostly a struggle with oneself and always a challenge. Ideas need developing and techniques to be tweaked. I would find the process of one a day very quickly to be a chore lacking the standard of quality I have set myself. Just as well we are all different. If something works for you stick with it. My motto. I myself have just about finished the 8 month course on Voila which required a weekly commitment. Very interesting!! Also new for this year is me joining the 12 projects challenging yourself.

            • reply Ponsawan Sila ,

              I would find the process of one a day very quickly to be a chore lacking the standard of quality I have set myself.
              Dear Angela, I dare not criticize how you work, nor how you get your work done. I just want to point out that, for some people, me, for example, setting goal to work on something, by myself, is just like setting a goal to eat right, exercise and loose some weight. Sometime we need to join the group, to get motivated and don’t get off track.
              I am not the Artist, never call myself an Artist.
              My comment was more directly to Cynthia about “Joining the group”,not about your works. I apologized if I said the wrong thing 🙂

              • reply Angela Garrod ,

                Good gracious no apologies needed!! I only wanted to clarify my own position. I myself belong to LPCG and meet regularly with fellow clayers to share ideas and other points of view. I didn’t see your comments as critism but wanted to make clear we all have different ideas to the way we work and why we do what we do.

          • reply Lyn StClair ,

            Hello and thank you for posting this! I am going to print it and hang it in my studio as inspiration. I am way too slow and to join a 365 group. So while I am plodding along with my polymer clay covered wine glasses, I set goals to learn and try new techniques to enhance the next order. For my winter “just-me” class, I was thinking of playing with pendant contruction, and now I have awesome examples of pendants! Beautiful work Angela!!!

            • reply Randee M Ketzel ,

              Angela has always had such a fabulous eye for form and color–distinctive, elegant, classic are all words I would use to describe her. I love this new series.

              It seems like a lot of us in the polymer community have resolved to challenge ourselves this year–it will be so interesting to look back in December and see where individuals have gone on their creative journey. Keep notes people! Track what changes the most.

              • reply Angela Garrod ,

                Thank you so much Randee, we shall definately keep an eye on everybody this year and see what they come up with.

              • reply Brenda Urquhart ,

                These are exquisite…yet simplistic…love love the various surface treatments…the design elements and forms are off the hook !!!…Well done Girlfriend…I know we don’t know each other(Girlfriend) it’s an Cultural Admiration thing with me…

                However…should you be attending Synergy in Atlanta this March…I will make a point of seeking you out and introducing myself…

                • reply Brenda Urquhart ,

                  Hey Girlfriend…I just visited your website and low and behold you will be at Synergy…I will be signing up for your class…see ya there…

                  • reply Angela Garrod ,

                    Thank you so much Brenda , look forward to meeting you at Synergy.

                  • reply Lorrene Baum-Davis ,

                    THANK YOU , THANK YOU, THANK YOU. This is awesome and super eye candy.

                    • reply Kate Simpson ,

                      What stunning shapes!

                      • reply Toni Fine ,

                        I am just blown away by the extent and quality of your work!! You just get better and better…. Really looking forward to seeing you and the hollow brooches on 27th”… X toni

                        • reply Angela ,

                          Hi Toni, Thank you so much for your kind words! It will be great catching up with you .See you at the next meeting. Love Angela x

                        • reply Sandra D. ,

                          amazing work. I like the shapes the colors and more.

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