Off-center polymer

Nat Gernigon posted this very fun Cane Scribbles tutorial on her website as a New Year’s gift to polymer artists. Her photos make it easy to follow along even though the text is in French.

The concept is one of those clever, simple ideas that was hiding in plain sight.

As you cruise through her archives and photo pages you’ll see that Nat is accustomed to being different and she likes designs that are off-center. Thank you, Nat, for helping us start 2013 with a new trick.

  • reply Nena Sabo ,

    Very cool!

    • reply isabelle ,

      I just love the idea it .I woul had love too have that idea

      • reply Melanie Muir ,

        What a wonderfully elegant and simple, but highly effective technique. Well done, Nat and thanks for sharing so generously!

        • reply Loretta ,

          I saw these on the web yesterday and thought hope brilliant, deceptively easy and very effective! Bravo

          • reply Ann ,

            Bonne idee!!! that’s brilliant!! Thanks!!!!

            • reply Béa ,

              C’est une super idée !! Bravo Nathalie pour cette mise à l’honneur !

              • reply DawnGaye ,

                I noticed them on Pinterest and knew they’d be a winner! Simple & Elegant.

                • reply DawnGaye ,

                  I know I’m easily amused, but I love reading the comments in “Gooogle Translation”. This was my favorite today:
                  “Thank you very much for your tutorial is really well done.
                  I love all your pancreas! Much originality.”

                  I must have missed the pancreas…

                  • reply carissa ,

                    Off-Kilter and Imperfect! What’s not to love! Especially for a non-caner.
                    Although, I personally, would leave out the pancreas. It would make the cane all gooey. Thanks for sharing with us.

                    • reply Kate Simpson ,

                      Love love love this. Can’t wait to try it. Thank you so much for sharing it.

                      • reply Nathalie Gernigon ,

                        Thank you very much Cynthia for this kind message and the presentation of my blog. I did not think that this tutoriel was going to make a small world tour! I also thank everything those who say thank you!!!


                        • reply Créa'Sofimo ,

                          it’s a good idea Nat ! I think that I try to do this cane this week, thanks you very much and big kissssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssss

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                            • reply January meeting report | London Polymer Clay Group ,

                              • reply perline ,

                                Super idée cette cane qui est du plus bel effet !! Il faudra que je l’essaye!!

                                • reply marjana cajhen ,

                                  Very cool!

                                  • reply Margaret Heizenrader ,

                                    I like this! What a great idea.

                                    I recommend Google Translate but Cynthia’s correct – the photos explain all.

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