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Your chance to send some valentine joy is waiting at the top of the right column. Your donation, no matter how big or small, will help the women of the Samunnat women’s project in eastern Nepal build a home.

Ron Lehocky will double the love by matching your gifts up to $2000.

PCDaily will bring you regular reports about the project. I’ll tell you about all the wonderful ways polymer artists have already helped their sisters thrive. Go on and CLICK to add your love.

The backstory

Ron Lehocky is no stranger to fundraising projects. He has made and sold over 20,000 polymer hearts to support the Kids Center in Louisville, Kentucky. The ones pictured here are part of his 2013 Valentines Day collection.

Australia’s Wendy Moore contacted Ron to purchase some hearts to take to Nepal. She thought the women in the Samunnat project would be inspired by the work of an American doctor who developed a small polymer project that became remarkably successful at helping children.

As they corresponded, Ron and Wendy shared stories. Wendy told him about the abuse and discrimination that the Samunnat women had endured and how the polymer skills that they learned had transformed their lives and made them agents of change.

She described how the group had moved its offices four times in the last six years because of arbitrary and frequent rent increases. Their first facility, shown here, was little more than an open storefront on a busy highway.

A gift of a small parcel of land and growing success in marketing their beads abroad allowed Samunnat to consider building a facility. For under $10,000 they could construct their own building that would give them the room they need to continue and grow.

To Ron, the building sounded like a small step with a big payoff. He thought it over. To kickstart a construction fund, Ron offered to match donations up to $2000. Isn’t that fantastic?

More to this story on Monday. Why wait? CLICK now.

  • reply Ronna Sarvas Weltman ,


    • reply Wyoming Wendy ,

      Kudos to Cynthia, Wendy and Ron the size of your hearts are unmeasurable!

      • reply Randee M Ketzel ,

        Thanks so much for the reminder–what a perfect gift for my mother in law–champion of women’s rights for 65 years.

        • reply Julie Picarello ,

          Even better than chocolate for a Valentines Day gift! My donation is sent with appreciation for Ron’s generosity and visions of a wonderful home for the women of Samunnat.

          • reply Kathryn ,

            Thank you for the opportunity to help!

            • reply Alice Stroppel ,

              I’m always so happy to support these woman. Thanks Cynthia for reminding us and Ron for the generous match. I’m excited for everyone and know they’ll reach their goal.

              • reply Ron Lehocky ,

                Thanks to all the current and potential donors. I am stoked about this project and hopeful that it will “go viral” and generate enough money to build a building which will provide the Nepali women a sense of permanence. It will also stand as a symbol of empowerment over violence and abuse. Along with fulfilling current needs of the women and the coop we can, with our donations, help the children of these women who sustain collateral damage. Wendy mentioned one boy who sustained neurologic damage at the hands of an abuser. Perhaps through the Sumunnat project these women can show their daughters that they need not be victims of abuse and their sons how to better deal with their wives and children.
                Thanks Cynthia and your effort to spread the word about this nobel cause. I lost my heart to these women and now am ready to “loose” my money. Help them build a home. Please contribute and make this dream a reality. Every donation is a small step that will result in great strides.

                • reply Ronna Sarvas Weltman ,

                  You’re the best, Ron. You make the world a better place.

                  • reply Melanie ,

                    I lost my ? to these women as well Ron. It does not surprise me to see you get involved in this project! As you are known as the “King of Hearts”… *on behalf of our whole polymer group we are proud to call you our friend! 🙂
                    Happy to donate
                    and what Ronna said! ?

                    • reply Melanie ,

                      question marks are supposed to be hearts….ole well blame it on Apple 🙂

                  • reply doreen kassel ,

                    done. anyone think of a Kickstarter campaign for this?

                    • reply Priscilla ,

                      With you and Ron involved, this is bound to be a rousing success. Thanks for making it easy for those of us who follow your blog to participate. And to Ron for providing such an inspiring challenge with his matching “grant.”

                      • reply Lindly Haunani ,

                        I would imagine that many of you have watched the CNN Heroes Specials over the past couple of years. Here is the link to nominate Wendy Moore and Ron Lehocky for this year’s award

                        Or? You may know of a local, national or international news organization looking for a “win-win” heartfelt story.

                        Thank you to Cynthia, Wendy , Ron and everyone who has helped to support this project.

                        • reply Wendy Moore ,

                          Some of us here at Samunnat are not often rendered speechless but that has almost been the case. Words simply can’t convey what we feel. We are deeply grateful to you Cynthia, Ron and ALL the wonderful people who have donated. There are times when things can feel overwhelming for us and we wonder if we can possibly make a difference in the face of some things but then something like this happens and our energy is abundantly renewed and we sing! We know the power that comes from being connected to people all over the world who care for us and encourage us. We have been a little quiet on our blog (blame Tucson!) but have posted today and will post more over the next few days. And VERY SOON we will post a photo of the land where your donations will help us create our home. Grateful love to PCD readers everywhere and again, THANK YOU.
                          Wendy, Kopila, the (absolutely blown away) Board, and the ladies-especially the wonderful polymer artists whose determination, resilience and love are an inspiration that knows no bounds: Gita, Sita, Rita, Man Kumari, Kumari, Pramila, Ambikha and Sharmila.

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                              • reply Iso ,

                                This is a great project. Happy to support making these women self sufficient and stronger.

                                • reply Nancy ,

                                  So interesting!

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                                          […] You may also have heard of the amazing paediatrician Ron Lehocky an American who, in his spare time, has made nearly 20,000 heart pins which he sells and donates all the money to charity.  Since hearing about the Samunnat Project Ron has been donating the money to this cause as well.  Many of the polymer clay community send him all their ends of canes and scrap clay which he turns into a beautifully designed hearts, each pin is different. […]

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