Unforgettable polymer

Ivankova on PCDaily

Is it too early in the season for these forget-me-nots from Slovakia’s Natalja Ivanková? The clumps of colorful blooms seem to be woven together but it’s actually a more clever and simple construction.

Natalja has covered the edges of flat white polymer disk beads with tiny petaled flowers. The flat sides of the disks are stacked and strung to achieve the effect of a rope of flowers. Look carefully at her page and you’ll get the gist. The challenge will be to give the concept your own unforgettable style.

More spring possibilities

From Kopila Basnet, Samunnat program director –  Since a very long time we have been working in Samunnat and thinking of a building but before it was always a dream.  But when a local man said he was interested to give us land for our building, even then we thought it was impossible because it was too long for us to collect money for the building.  But what we have learned now is that even when we thought it was impossible, EVERYTHING is possible because we are connected to you all. 

Now we understand that Samunnat is not just in Birtamod but it is all over the world. It is in every people’s hearts. I’d love to thank everybody who has given us so much directly and indirectly to make Samunnat’s power grow and double.  We will always feel you in our building. Contribute to the fund here.

  • reply Randee M Ketzel ,

    What a lovely clever idea!

    • reply Fiona Abel-Smith ,

      Beautiful Natalja, just what we need on a cold frosty day, a glimpse of Spring, a real work of art with a very clever construction!

      • reply Natalja Ivankova ,

        Thank you, it’s a great feeling to see my work on PCD and read such positive words! I am glad it brought some Spring touch the long winter.

        • reply Wendy Moore ,

          Cynthia, you must have been so distracted by Natalja’s gorgeous necklace (quite understandably) that you left out a sentence of what Kopila wrote! She also said: Cynthia and Ron are pillars of Samunnat and when the building is ready, and as long we live, they will be in our hearts. Fancy you forgetting to put that bit in!!! We are very grateful to you and all the PCD readers and hope that this post here http://acolourfuljourney.com/2013/02/19/pillars-and-posts/ conveys something of that. Love from Kopila, Wendy and the ladies

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