Floating around the hemispheres


Techniques float in the wind currents around the globe, don’t they? Donna Kato posted this Natalia hemisphere necklace on her Facebook page in mid-February – well before PCDaily caught onto the flat disk craze.

But then Donna claims that she was just giving her African twist to Natalia Garcia de Leaniz’ design from a while back. PCD followed with this post and then this one.

Though we don’t know exactly how the fad started, you can see that decorating the edges of flat disks has become a popular fashion trend this season.


Donna finished her piece by adding a clever clasp. The flat disk has a groove cut in its edge. A rubber buna cord circle slips into the groove. “It works really well, the clasp doesn’t turn and it’s comfy, plus it’s the right scale!  I was very pleased with that – had to think a while about the mechanics but then it all came together,” says Donna. More sample designs on her Facebook page.

  • reply Randee M Ketzel ,

    It’s all in the details, isn’t it? I love this–heading into the studio now to try my hand at it, but in the overall design, the clasp is a sweet and mighty addition to the overall look. (Most of my pieces fall down on the clasp–a thing to change!)

    • reply Meisha ,

      This is a beautiful Necklace….love the color and patterns, and the cleaver way Donna resolved the clasp. Cynthia, thanks for directing me to Donna’s Facebook page. It’s been a little while since I’ve visited her site, and I’m thoroughly impressed with D’s lasted work. So very sophisticated. I’d love to own a few of them. It is interesting to see trends evolve. I’ve been struck by how the organic Donut shapes have been trending the last few years. It falls inline with the Retro trend…the hip simplicity of asymmetrical donuts and stripes have a Mod attitude. I’ve been playing with the simple donut form since Progress and Possibilities 2010. Still playing!!

      • reply Sylvia Valentine ,

        Plus, you only need half the amount of beads! Yay!

        • reply Sarah Chinen ,

          Donna is genius! Not only is she a fantastic artist with a wonderful sense of color and proportion, she is also an engineer! Love it, mahalo!

          • reply Wendy Moore ,

            Wow. What a fabulous innovation to this design. I love the clasp too and as Sylvia said (a woman after my own heart) only half the number of beads required for the half circle version. Gorgeous necklace Donna and Cynthia, thanks for sharing it with those not on Facebook!

            • reply Sabine Spiesser ,

              This is a fabulous trend, I love the African look of Donna’s necklace and the classy clasp. The canes used on the discs are wonderful. Wendy with half beads you can make 2 full necklaces. For me the fun would be creating in creating the beads. The clasp may start Kato clasp trend. Pure genius.

              • reply Donna Kato ,

                Thank you, ladies, very much. This piece was actually the second disc neck I made, the first were round discs the size of quarters with the same canes!

                You know, I think the same clasp concept would also work with irregular shaped clasps, instead of the cord going around the whole piece, one could press a smaller channeled disc under the piece. Might not be as easy to get on as this is, but in a necklace it shouldn’t be too hard to do, either! I’m going to try this today.

                If you guys try the disc think, here’s a tool tip: Using the clear centering template from Clay Yo! makes it easier and the individual pieces – full rounds – are aligned! Hemispheres required my making a paper template to position the holes so they didn’t ride up and down.

                Wendy, lovely necklace!

                Cheers, Donna

                • reply Sherry Bailey ,

                  Gorgeous as usual! Donna is always inspirational!

                  • reply Natalja Ivankova ,

                    Amasing! Was keeping the idea with hemispheres in my mind for a while for a bracelet project and now I see it is working for necklace, as well. Thank you, for pointing out it is halfcircles, did not pay attention to this fact on FB. Hope to meet Donna and learn a lot from her on ECC 2013 in Prague.
                    PS The clasp is very interesting, gonna try.

                    • reply Natalja Ivankova ,

                      Some correction))) Language problem = thought hemisphere is half a circle…. )))

                      • reply Andreia Ferreira ,

                        Love it so much!
                        Very tribal, the design is fantastic and the colors. Oh joyful, joyful!

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