Anar on PCDaily

Anarina Anar puts raw energy into her rough and vibrant pieces. You can feel the Greek sun and the heat in the colors.Texture and dimension add a tactile quality to the pattern on her striped bracelet.

Anar on PCDaily

Anarina also shows a hemisphere necklace on her Flickr page. I thought readers might mutiny at the sight of another one of these designs that have captivated me so you can see it here if you’re a fan of the trend.

  • reply Heidi McCullough ,

    Love the colors, love the swirls.

    But I see no hemispheres. A hemisphere is half a sphere…half a ball. Not a slice of a cylinder.

    • reply Cynthia Tinapple ,

      Oh right…it doesn’t really qualify, does it?


    • reply genevieve ,

      I really like how the end of snake of clay became a loop for those earrings. Nice design!

      • reply Marlene Brady ,

        I did a disk necklace in plain white and called it “Oversized Heishi”. I thought Heishi meant how the beads were sliced. Well, I had a reader write to say Heishi meant “shell” and my polymer did not look like shell. I did change the name just because I didn’t want my necklace to look like a bad imitation of shell. But, I can relate to how a word’s definition is different than its interpretation.

        Anarina’s work is lovely. I love her colors and I, too, like the end loop on the earrings. Clever.

        • reply Corine ,

          I love Anarina’s necklace. I like to see many variations on a theme. Something about that really beaks open my mind and allows the possibility of new ideas.

          • reply Miriam ,

            Is this painted pc or is it really lots of mixed colors? I looked at the Facebook and it looked half and half. I really like it.

            • reply Priscilla ,

              When I clicked on the final link, I had to laugh. You don’t have to apologize for being attracted to disk beads. And if it is a trend, then you’re keeping us up to date, as always.

              • reply Kelly ,

                I really like it too. The colors are wonderful. I agree, the loop idea is a good one. I never thought of that.

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