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Lestes, the Damselfly is a 12-inch tall polymer and fabric creature created by the Filigree, a Nashville-based husband and wife team. Martin Øbakke, native of Denmark home to the little Mermaid, met Celena Cavala, ballerina and Nashville native, in Italy where they started making fairy tales.

Martin does the illustrating and polymer sculptures while Celena sews and writes about the fantasy they live in, the Filigree. In their world the filigree are thin gossamer strands that connect everything.

The couple offered their latest creations this week and already they’ve all flown away. Each Damselfly comes with immigration paperwork. You can see the entire collection including their dragons and unicorns on Flickr.

  • reply Lynn Reno ,

    What a creative couple! I love everything about this, especially love how unique the damselfly faces are and how much character they have with such simple details. They’re wonderful!

    • reply Eva ,

      Their work is a marvel of creativity, whim and dexterity. Fabrics are hand painted, the work of the silk like skin on polymer is a success of sensualism and aesthetics. All their figurines reflect love of the life and magic imagination. Always my fav for dreaming… 😉

      • reply Becky ,

        Thanks for that link. I love Filagree’s work! Such possibilities.

        • reply Sandra D. ,

          Amazing little dolls.!!!!!!!!!!!!

          • reply LaLa Ortiz ,

            These are some of my favorite little sculptures! So sweet!

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