On the Synergy display tables here in Atlanta I was flabbergasted by how much larger pieces were than I had guessed from photos.

Take this new brooch from Kathleen Dustin. I would have guessed it as moderately sized but it’s quite large. Look at these pictures to get a better idea of size. Note the care she has taken with the back, the submerged hardware and the additional loops that allow it to be worn as a pendant.

On the front the shapes are thick and the designs flow from textured in one block to smooth in the next with a fascinating interplay that teases your brain. Its size makes the brooch more imposing and causes us to rethink how size matters.

As an aside, Kathleen mentioned that she does not condition the translucent clay that finishes the foremost block. Her theory is that putting the clay through the pasta machine repeatedly introduces more air into it and she wants the thin top layer to be as bubble-free as possible.

Synergy is off to a great start but it’s late. Please visit tomorrow for more news. I need a bit of sleep.

  • reply Liz Hall ,

    Love her work and that piece is amazing. Interesting about the translucent clay. Wish I was @ Synergy!

    • reply Annie Pennington ,

      Wow, stunning! Each time I see a new piece of hers, I think “Ooh, now this one is my favorite!” Great work, Kathleen. Someday I’ll make it to Synergy!

      • reply Mags Bonham ,

        Thanks for sharing Cynthia! I will wait impatiently for each day’s post about more new Synergy news!

        • reply Maria Alexandrou ,

          I love her pieces!! Large indeed but so beautiful!!

          • reply Maria Alexandrou ,

            And that piece is gorgeous !!

            • reply isabelle ,

              eIt is just beatifull love the contrast !!!

              • reply Harriete Estel Berman ,

                Looking at the work on display was a real treat. It was also a wonderful part of Synergy 3 meeting Cynthia Tinapple and Kathleen Dustin.

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