These are the collars, chests and arms where your eyes might have roamed if you’d been at Atlanta’s Synergy3.

Today was a travel day and gave me an opportunity to begin to make sense of all the ideas, goodwill and plans that floated around. As I decompress, I’ll share what I saw with you. Consider this a first installment.

Photos here include: Pendant from Croatia’s Nikolina Otrzan, brooch from North Carolina’s Carol Parsons, Maryland’s Jeff Dever’s brooch was made with balloons. Second row: Germany’s Anke Humpert’s beads were much larger than I imagined, UK’s Carol Blackburn‘s striped bangle, hollow pendant from UK’s Cara Jane.

  • reply Monique U. (A Half-Baked Notion) ,

    It must have been thrilling to be with so many talented fellow artists, Cynthia!

    • reply Carol Blackburn ,

      Thanks Cynthia, it was good to see you at Synergy. So many creative people and lots of ideas to bring back to London. There’ll be much to tell at our clay day next Sunday. Can’t wait for the Euro Synergy, wherever it is!
      Carol xxx

      • reply Cara Jane ,

        Cynthia thanks for sharing my pendant! It was such an honour to mix with so many talented people. I had the most amazing time learnt a lot, made lots of new friends and have taken a whole heap of inspiration home. I was sad to leave so seeing my pendant here helped smooth the transition back to normal life. So nice to have met you in person

        • reply Nikolina Otržan ,

          Dear Cynthia, thank you for posting one of my experiments with the rest of the beauties here 😉 We really had most wonderful time in Atlanta and I’m thrilled I’ve had a chance to meet so many of you guys in person! I can’t remember when I met a better bunch of people 🙂

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