Rebecca Watkins on PCDaily

The Synergy fallout continues with Rebecca Watkins’ Floral Bangle. After attending a Seth Savarick session on planning your projects, Rebecca decided walk the talk.

She wanted to work on more complex projects that required planning, precision, and polish so she took her usual methods of working to the next level. The process wasn’t without pitfalls that she recounts on her blog. She’s ready to keep going.

Christine Dumont on PCDaily

Part of Rebecca’s inspiration also came from this Curl-Up bangle that Christine Dumont wore. The openwork makes the cuff appear delicate but I examined it myself and it was very tough and sturdy (using Kato clay). Christine made her bangle as she was rethinking cane slices on her site,, for a module in the popularĀ How to Become a Better Artist series.

Don’t miss Rebecca’s Saturday post about what she learned in Jeff Dever’s session. Jeff taught the crowd how to keep an eye out for unusual materials that cost next to nothing. So smart!

  • reply Christine Dumont ,

    Cynthia, thank you for making me the queen of the day! I am so pleased to share the honour with Artybecca! Blue skies!

    • reply Seth Savarick ,

      Wow. What great work. I feel so proud that my session helped another artist find her voice. Brava!!!!?

      • reply Rbecca Thickbroom ,

        Christine, Congrats on the post and also congrats on another awesome creation. Your talent is ongoing, evolving and so inspirational. Miss you in the UK. xxx

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