Crothers on PCDaily

These scrap bangles from Australia’s Debbie Crothers have a party vibe! Don’t you love those gold leafed and Jones-Toned dots that she tossed on to fill in the gaps? Debbie took her not- quite-right pile and turned it into something great that suits my mood as I celebrate post 2000 today. We’ve gotten bolder and better!

I jumped in the wayback machine and looked at the September 2005 posts. The photos were much smaller. Remember, we had tiny monitors then. Most of the links work!

Early Laurie Mika on PCDaily

Can you believe this tame and subdued early mosaic from Laurie Mika? She’s surely embraced color and claimed her own style in a big way since then. We’ve come a long way, baby!

Thanks to you faithful readers for helping to turn that early not-quite-right blog into something very good and have a great weekend. Happy 2000.

  • reply Patty Schneider ,

    Happy 2000th Post Cynthia! Thank you for the non-stop inspiration! 🙂

    • reply Eva ,

      2000th post today!!! 15 times on Facebook!!! Great birthday!!!

      • reply Ann Duncan Hlavach ,

        Happy 2000th!!!!!!

        • reply Ronna ,

          Fabulous bangles from Debbie. And …Congratulations, Cynthia. We all certainly have come a long way together. Many of us would not or could not have done it without you. And no way would it have been nearly as fun without you and your “little” blog. Thank you so very, very much from a very grateful fan.

          • reply Lynda Moseley ,

            Congratulations on PCD’s 2000th post, Cynthia, and thank you for being the polymer clay community’s best ambassador. Here’s to many, many more posts of discovering and sharing.

            • reply Erin Prais-Hintz ,

              Congratulations on the 2000th! That is quite an accomplishment. I haven’t been following quite that long, but I am always amazed and intrigued and blown away by the talent that I see showcased here. It makes me think that I really do need to take a class with someone talented like yourself one day so that I can fully appreciate the nuances of this medium because there are surely no limits to what can be achieved with it! Here’s to 2000 more posts! Enjoy the day. Erin

              • reply Randee M Ketzel ,

                Where would we be without PCD?! For most of us it is as essential a part of the morning as coffee and a good-morning kiss. Thanks for bringing us ‘soul food’ for breakfast!

                Debbie—LOVE these. So cool and yeah, you had me at scrap.

                • reply dayle doroshow ,

                  Huge congratulations! It’s still the first place I go to every morning with my cuppa coffee.

                  • reply Debbie Crothers ,

                    Wow thanks so much Cynthia for featuring my bangles today – I’m so pleased….and massive congratulations on 2000 posts – what an incredible effort you put in for polymer clayers all over the world. Our day just wouldn’t be the same without PCD. xx

                    • reply Loretta ,

                      200 posts? Seriously??? It seems like only yesterday that we stumbled across this little polymer blog…Congratulations Cynthia and thank you. You have become the water-cooler of our virtual office.

                      Really fun bracelets Debbie – you know I love the raised dots!!

                      Big virtual hugs

                    • reply polyette ,

                      Great bangles ! Thank you Cynthia, that you show us the beautiful bangles by Debbie today and thank you for your tireless efforts to surprise us every day with new work and endless inspiration. Congratulations for the 2000 posts.

                      • reply Trina Williams ,

                        Congratulations! I am not much of a bracelet person but I love these! The dots do it.

                        • reply PiperPixieDesigns ,

                          Big congrats on #2,000! This is an awesome blog:) And excellent artist to spotlight to mark the occasion;)

                          • reply Gera Scott Chandler ,

                            Wonderful bangles and CONRATULATIONS on #2000 Cynthia- thanks so much for allllllyou do!

                            • reply Lyn St. Clair ,

                              CONGRATULATIONS A’ND THANK YOU!!! I’ve learned so much! I’ve been exposed to so much!! Thanks so much!!!

                              • reply Deborah Francis ,

                                Congratulations Cynthia! Thank you for all you have done for the polymer clay community. You make my mornings a little brighter and I’m grateful that PCD is there for everyone to enjoy.

                                • reply Marcia ,

                                  Thank you 2000 times!!!! PCD is a part of everyday for so many PC enthusiasts! Great feature. Debbie’s colorful attitude shows in her work.

                                  • reply Beverly C. ,

                                    Thank you, Cynthia! Polymer Clay Daily is a dependable daily source for uplifting beauty and inspiration! Your high production standards and lovely warm heart come through strong and clear. I’m tempted to have a glass of champagne with my oatmeal to raise as a toast to you. …Nah, we’ll just have to do with the orange juice! CHEERS!!!

                                    • reply Cindy Lietz ,

                                      Congratulations Cynthia! Cheers to another 2000 more!

                                      • reply Beth Schwartz ,

                                        Congratulations on 2000! You always do a fabulous job, and are well loved by the community of artists and crafters. Thank you, Cynthia.

                                        • reply Nevenka Sabo ,

                                          Wow it’s a celebration time! Congratulations Cynthia. 🙂

                                          • reply Mags Bonham ,

                                            Congratulations Cynthia!!! It seems like just yesterday that you started this journey. Thank you for your unwavering commitment to polymer and all of the artists that create with this wonderful medium. I look forward to seeing what you have found every day. Big Hugs!!!

                                            • reply Donna ,

                                              Great bangles Deb and well done Cynthia. Polymer clay Daily is one of my first visited web sites on a daily basis. You serve our polymer community so well.

                                              • reply Tracy + Dan ,

                                                Your mention of this milestone in yesterday’s post was impressive news, but even more resonating was today’s reference to the ‘wayback’ date of September 2005. In a time when many of us can’t keep focused on one thing for longer than a minute, your ‘stick-to-it’ commitment to PCD for the better part of a full decade is undeniably meritorious. For all you’ve done to shine a spotlight on our medium, gracias por los dos mil!

                                                • reply mieke ,

                                                  Van harte gefeliciteerd met je 2000ste post.
                                                  Ik verheug me iedere dag om ernaar te kijken.
                                                  Geweldig. Heeeeel erg bedankt.
                                                  Veel liefs mieke
                                                  Congratulations with your 2000ste post.
                                                  I love it every day to look at it. Marvelous. Y would like to thank you for this!!!
                                                  Much love mieke
                                                  From holland

                                                  • reply Susan Averello ,

                                                    Congrats on Post 2000~ now if I can only figure out to get to your archives

                                                    • reply Laurie Mika ,

                                                      Congratulations Cynthia…..incredible how the time has flown by….evidenced by that VERY early mosaic you posted! Thanks for the memories… is so nice having your wonderful site as a great resource and an archive for all of us polymer clay lovers. Here’s to the next 2000 posts!

                                                      • reply Lee Luda ,

                                                        I may have been late to the party (found this site in 2012) but better late than never. This is my go-to place for inspiration, and knowing this to be Post 2000 is inspiring, too. Congratulations on your remarkable achievement.

                                                        • reply Pamela Carman ,

                                                          Cynthia, thank you for PCD. You provide a daily source of ‘oohs’ and ahhs and ‘what ifs?’ Congratulations on 2000!

                                                          • reply Linda Garbe ,

                                                            I have always admired those who produce any product on a regular schedule. Years ago I wondered at how writers produced a newspaper day in and day out. Now I am in awe of the information and inspiration you send day.

                                                            Congratulations and thanks

                                                            • reply suzy peabody ,

                                                              i remember how thrilled i was to find your awesome blog, and the absolute shock and glee the day i found you had posted my modest work, took me at least a week to come back down to earth! you are amazing! your blog is amazing!! it’s a gift to us all, many, many thanks, and many, many, MANY more posts!!! we adore you!! 🙂

                                                              • reply Sabine Spiesser ,

                                                                Congratulations Cynthia, Your blog has been my much anticipated source of inspiration ever since I picked up clay. I will never forget that you featured my crazy beginner caterpillar. Many people have felt the joy and fuzzy warmth of “having been discovered” by you and featured for the world at large to participate. Your blog is probably the greatest asset our community has. 2000! I hope there will be so many wore to come. Studio Mojo is my weekly fix!
                                                                Deb’s bangles are fabulous, I keep looking at them. They draw you in and invite you to explore what’s around the curve. There is some sense of mystery and also spontaneity in the irregular yet flowing design. Can’t wait to see where you will take the design next Deb.

                                                                • reply Dorothy Siemens ,

                                                                  Congratulations! Yours is always the first blog I check out each day – thanks for all your hard work and know that your fans love you!

                                                                  • reply Anja ,

                                                                    Heartfelt thanks for all the work you do to keep us all inspired. Every post is an oppurtunity to leave our own lives for a while,take a trip around the globe and see beauty through someone else’s eyes.
                                                                    Congratulations and to the next 2000!

                                                                    • reply Wendy Malinow ,

                                                                      Big congrats Cynthia! wow, 2000 doses of inspiration!
                                                                      Thanks for the daily eye/mind candy!!!

                                                                      • reply Melody ,

                                                                        • reply Gwen ,

                                                                          Congratulations on your 2000th post. I love this blog. Inspires me everyday.

                                                                          • reply Dede Leupold ,

                                                                            Debbies bangles are great and very inspiring to me. Its going to make me think twice about my scraps!
                                                                            Cynthia, congrats on your 2,000th post! At my first time of going to Pingree in 2005, I remember the morning so well. We were in the cabin waking up with our coffee and you were brainstorming with us about your idea for the PCD blog. The excitement of it was exhilarating, and got our day off to a wonderful start! I feel so privileged to be at the beginning of its conception and to know you. Thank you for being the advocate you are for us! You are an amazingly talented woman! And….love your sense of humor too!

                                                                            • reply Sarah at Hip Earth Designs ,

                                                                              Congrats again on the 2000th post! Here’s to hoping for another, even more inspiring 2000!

                                                                              • reply Cynthia Becker ,

                                                                                Congratulation on 2,000 posts, Cynthia. You’ve developed such a dedicated following because you continue to inspire us all.

                                                                                • reply Claire maunsell ,

                                                                                  Just fantastic!

                                                                                  • reply Conny ,

                                                                                    Congratulations on your 2000th post and your 100th studio mojo, too. Your posts and newsletters are an endless source of inspiration everyday – thank you so much for that!!!

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