We move from yesterday’s minimalist approach to Italy’s Chiara Curreli (Duecentogrammi) who lives on the other end of the scale.

Chiara debuted her exhuberant and colorful polymer line in 2012 and continues to promote it in fashion shows (this model is from the London show) and high profile media.

Much as museum shows help our craft get exposure, the glitz and glamor of the runway offers another big audience. Get caught up in the excitement on Chiara’s Facebook page and on her blog.

  • reply Abigail Smycken Handmade ,

    Wow, it’s so wonderful to find out that polymer clay is used in fashion shows and high profile media. I spent some time on her blog and her work is really good and I love the color combinations and patterns she uses. Thanks for showing us another great polymer clay artist!

    • reply Chiara ,

      thanks for your nice words 🙂

    • reply Marianne Hopkins ,

      Stunning colors and composition. High Fashion indeed!

    • reply PiperPixieDesigns ,

      Funkalicious! Love how “outside the box” Chiara takes her work:)

    • reply Debbie Crothers ,

      What a sensational piece. I love seeing beautiful art jewellery like this one. Thanks for sharing today.

    • reply Barb Lessen ,

      bb…BIG, BOLD, and BEAUTIFUL!!

      ….Great pictures on blog and facebook!!!

    • reply Sandra D. ,

      Fantastic work!!!!!!!!!!!!thanks for sharing.

    • reply Chiara ,

      It’s a great honor beeing reviewed on your blog; i’ve been reading your site very often looking for inspiration.
      I’m crafting polymer clay bijoux for long time now but only in the last few years i defined my own style.
      For London event i’ve tried to challenge my match up colours skills and creations reflect very well my personality.
      So, read your positive rewiev left me speachless!!
      Many thanks and i’m at your disposal.

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