Springtime in polymer

Wilfong on PCDaily

Baltimore painter Jennifer Wilfong paints on canvas and wood and polymer. She moves between large-scale canvases and small-scale jewelry with ease.

Jennifer limits her polymer palette to black and white, challenging herself to expand her designs and explore form, texture and shape.

Wilfong on PCDaily

She also recycles vintage frames and watch cases like the one shown here. A delicately carved polymer flower reminds the wearer that it’s springtime.

You can read more about Jennifer in this Niche magazine article, on her Etsy site and on her YummyAndCompany site.

  • reply Karolina ,

    Oh, I like them a lot!

    • reply Susan Owenby ,

      Wow! Beautiful. I’m almost positive I’ve never met a black and white design that wasn’t love at first site!

      Thanks for sharing such great artists with us.

      • reply Abigail Smycken Handmade ,

        I love this minimalistic style, she definitely managed to impress me and her things are so elegant and easy to wear with anything.

        • reply PiperPixieDesigns ,

          The simplicity of her designs let the art speak for itself. Just gorgeous!

          • reply Barb Lessen ,

            Simply beautiful!!

            • reply cindy coven ,

              These are so nice. They don’t even look like polymer clau. Often times it looks clown like with so many colors. The simplicity of these and the fact that you can get color by changing the background is amazing.

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