Painting on polymer

Strick on PCDaily
Strick on PCDaily

Vermont’s Meta Strick combines bits of wood, wire, beads and yarn on her art dolls. Then she dresses them in polymer. Often they carry inspirational messages. There are mixed media shrines, dolls, sculpture, buttons and more under construction here in Virginia. We’re not limited to jewelry.

Meta (rhymes with pita) is also a painter (see more here). An unexpected gift of Genesis heat-set paints prompted her to try painting on polymer this week. Turn this ragged-edged slab of polymer over and you’ll find a portrait that looks like an ancient relic. Painting on polymer could offer you a diversion next time you’re feeling exasperated with jewelry-making.

Here’s a photo of Lindly Haunani’s progress on her cane from yesterday’s post.

  • reply Kristie Foss ,

    Here’s just one more example proving you really can do almost anything with polymer. đŸ˜‰ Love this medium!

    Thanks for continuing to share Lindly’s progress. Her color sense is so amazing. I love these “peeks” into the process, and appreciate you sharing bits of the conference with us.


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    • reply Abigail Smycken Handmade ,

      I love seeing all these amazing mixed media artists, they inspire me greatly. I love her interesting somewhat washed out colors and also the beautiful tones she uses. She also has some beautiful acrylic paintings on canvas that are breathtaking.

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        • reply Denise Miller ,

          Yeah, we want to crash the party!

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