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Judy Dunn’s clever constructions and her polymer folded cranes peace project kept catching my eye as I thumbed through the archives. Her tutorials for making cranes are still on YouTube.

Judy’s life got busy and she was pulled to other pursuits. I sent her a note saying that we miss her fine work and I hope she comes back to polymer. In the meanwhile, we can still learn from the ways she combined and recombined short wormlike shapes into interesting groups for earrings and necklaces.

Vacation posts from the archives

  • reply Claire ,

    Hi, is there still a way to access the Crane Project blog? It’s telling me that I have to be invited or something?



    • reply Judy ,

      Claire, I have discontinued the project, at least for the time being. I have held on to the work already completed, but due to many issues, primarily financial, I was not able to sustain it. This was a difficult and painful decision, and I have largely shut down that blog.

    • reply Carole Monahan ,

      I love the colors that Judy uses.
      I’m still a chicken when it comes to using color.

      • reply Meisha ,

        TI would love to see Judy back in the polymer clay scene…she ‘s a lovely person, and I’ve always admired her work and color sensibilities.

        • reply Judy ,

          Meisha, you are a sweetie! I miss the people…you included!…who I have met when I was more active in the polymer clay world. Even though my creative energies are focused elsewhere, I am an advocate for polymer as a medium, and see myself continuing to spread the word. Whether it was teaching kids at my daughter’s school in a weekly class, or the earrings and other jewelry I wear everyday, as a walking advertisement for the possibilities of this medium. I had constant comments from my fellow students at art school this last year about my great collection of earrings! Miss you all, but haven’t forgotten you!

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