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Fishing takes patience and Rebecca Watkins shows us how patience pays off in this July holiday experiment.

She says of her 5″x7″ polymer plaque, “It started off as scrap clay, mostly pink and white on a muddy gray. I decided it looked like a bunch of wiggly fish but I didn’t like the gray so I cut the pink and white shapes out. I scratched some lines into the base for waves and added a few strings of seaweed.The fish were laid on top and burnished down lightly. I used a pointy tool to make the lines and then I covered the entire thing with black and metallic blue Perfect Pearls powder.”

After curing and sanding off the powder Rebecca didn’t like the faded color and started again. “I got out my colored pencils and went to town.” After more coloring, baking and buffing, she caught her fish.

If you’d like to read more about Rebecca, you can pre-order the Global Perspectives book where she walks you through one of her projects step-by-step.

  • reply Christine Damm ,

    I really like this new direction for Rebecca– you can see the evolution of her previous ideas and how they have morphed into a fantastic new expression!

    • reply PiperPixie ,

      Lovin how happy these fish look! Seem to be right at home in the deep blue:P Gorgeous work, her patience and love really come through. An honest, beautifully crafted piece of work.

      • reply Loretta ,

        LOVE this!

        • reply Randee M Ketzel ,

          Artybecca’s work is almost as delightful as the woman herself! She is a talent to watch.

          • reply Amy E Wallace ,

            I love the “pointy tool” comment. How many pointy tools do I use? Hmmm… nails, toothpicks, an awl…etc…etc.
            Also love how she went to town until she was satisfied. How many times do we “settle” when we could really ramp it up with just another step or two?

            • reply Jackie ,

              I really like this, I live by the sea and get such inspiration from it, using coloured pencils really worked well the shades you used are delightful!

              • reply Alison ,

                The fish plaque is beautiful! And it’s helpful to hear a bit about the process — makes me want to revisit some of the unfinished pieces I’ve put aside.

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