Action-packed inchies

Kapono on PCDaily

These 1-inch squares from Missouri’s Chris Kapono are packed with color and movement. Textured strips, rolls and balls of polymer have a surprising impact crammed into small spaces. They remind us that we can make a big splash with a few tools and a little clay.

See Chris’ gallery on ClayLessons and her sales site on Etsy. Thanks to Randee Ketzel for the link.

  • reply Debbie Crothers ,

    wow I love these. Good on you Chris – your work is sensational, as always.

    • reply Dorothy Siemens ,

      Each one is a wonderful little world in which to lose yourself! Colours and textures are marvelous.

      • reply Cara Jane ,

        wow those are some cool inchies! How does she fit so much in! Thanks for the intersting inpsiration as always!

        • reply Cynthia Becker ,

          Beuatiful work! The colors and patterns just reached out and grabbed me.

          • reply Cody Craynor ,

            Fantastic work. These are really interesting.

            • reply Dawna Sharp ,

              Some of the most awesome inchies I’ve seen. Fabulous in texture, design and color!!! Congrats to you.

              • reply carissa ,

                you have inspired me. i always make huge things but this is so beautiful and just jammed with joy that i must try it! thank you for sharing.

                • reply Karen Davila ,

                  Beautiful work !

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