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France’s Sonya Girodon’s Boudoir necklace has a softer, more romantic way with designs and doodles. Sonya explains that boudoir means, “Little bedroom or study adjacent to the lady’s main bedroom of the castle – a place to hide away and be alone amongst the things she loves. Bouder means to sulk in French.”

Sonya takes Sutton-slice accented pieces of polymer and rolls them into dimensional tube beads. The coral and beige colors add to the sulky mood and the square metal bezel adds intrigue.

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Sonya usually gravitates to ethnic designs and you may enjoy her pages on the EthnicJewels ning site. Here’s her Rain Dance necklace where she carves designs into polymer. You might have guessed that she grew up in South Africa. See the range of her strong and unusual designs on her Flickr site.


  • reply Christine Dumont ,

    Congratulations Sonya! It’s a lovely piece!

    • reply Lynda Moseley ,

      Congratulations, Sonja! Your work is stunning, and I am so happy to see you featured on PCD!

      • reply Sonya's Polymer Creations ,

        What can I say? You’ve made my day!! I also want to say that I’ve learnt a lot from Christine Dumont’s online course on Voila, and that I am eternally stiving towards Lynda’s perfection…

        • reply Cynthia Clayworth ,

          Went to her Flickr site – wonderful work!

          • reply Marie ,

            I am lucky to be able to see Sonya’s designs close up, own some of them and benefit from her advice and inspiration for my own (beginners) creations. Her work is really stunning and so diverse in colour, style and texture. For a working Mum she can be very proud!

            • reply Sandra D. ,

              Sonya I like your romantic bead work.

              • reply Chifonie ,

                Sonya’s work is very rich in colors, textures and shapes,
                Bravo !

                • reply Jursvi ,

                  wow, it´s so beautiful and unique! BRAVO!

                  • reply Handmade Daily ,

                    Very impressed with Sonya’s attention to detail and how the textures really come through. The pieces speak for themselves! Truly beautiful work:)

                    • reply Jenn ,

                      So happy to see her fantastic work featured here!

                      • reply Michele Norine ,

                        Congratulations Sonya!! Doing the happy dance for you – well deserved friend 🙂

                        • reply Barb Lessen ,

                          Love the jewelry collection!!! Wonderful!!

                          • reply Somima ,

                            Oh how happy I am to see your work featured here on PCD – so well deserved! This is amazing, and your work is amazingly beautiful, you are a natural born artist from what I can say. – keep going.

                            • reply Sonya's Polymer Creations ,

                              Thanks so much to all of you for your kind words!! And to you, Cynthia, for having featured my work!

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