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The weekend farmers markets are bustling this time of year and these wearable translucent polymer raspberries look as juicy as the real ones.

Moscow’s Natalia Leitman (Madlen) specializes in small fruits, berries and flowers to wear.

What looked like a single J-shaped earring confused me until I saw this photo and realized it’s not an earring, it’s a belly ring for wearing on your pierced navel! Google body jewelry findings to locate the hardware.

Leitman on PCDaily

Her garden delights make great bracelets, brooches and hair adornments as well. See all her creations on Natalia’s blog and her instagram. Should you consider some fruit this week?

  • reply Créatitia ,

    I’m impressed, those raspberries look like real ones !!! it’s a beautiful and fine work 🙂

    • reply Sandra D. ,

      Wow! that fruit looks realistic. Good work

      • reply Cynthia Clayworth ,

        Oh, my gosh! I thought they were real!

        • reply Wendy K. ,


          • reply Madlen ,

            I thank for warm words! It is very pleasant to me that my creativity brings Pleasure!))

            • reply Jana ,

              Very, very impressive…
              Looks like the real thing!

              • reply Randee M Ketzel ,

                SERIOUSLY perfect faux….Madlen is good.

                • reply Trina Williams ,

                  Nice! I am working on a watermelon cane to make beads for my seniors. As usual I worked too fast and it will never see the light of day past a “don’t do this” on FB

                  • reply isabelle ,

                    I would realy like to have a look when you make those it is just amaising 

                    Thank you for showing us all we cane make with clay…….


                  • reply Madlen ,

                    I thank for warm words! It is pleasant to me that my creativity brings pleasure!))

                    • reply Sherry Bailey ,

                      Amazing! I have never seen such realism!

                      • reply Barb Lessen ,

                        Looks good enough to eat! Beautiful work!

                        • reply Deepa ,

                          This is so Gorgeous!!!!!

                          • reply Fabulous Frippist ,

                            Tell me that's not a real raspberry!  

                            • reply Sue Counselman ,

                              Agree — perfect.

                              • reply Madlen ,

                                I thank! It is so much warmth in your words!))

                                • reply Lynn Lunger ,

                                  These are so fabulous! Love the slightly 'frosted' skin of the raspberries. So real!

                                  • reply aigue ,

                                    c'est magnifique de réalisme!

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