Noodling and doodling

Otrzan on PCDaily

In her new Doodle Me Do class on CraftArtEdu Nikolina Otrzan shows you how to make a bunch of small canes. You then use that stash to doodle and play and make all kinds of artworks.

A peek at the class with all its pictures and possibilities had me itching to pump up my own supply of canes and to try out some of the ingenious ways she has of building them.

Otrzan on PCDaily

Nikolina also has a class on Zentangling on clay if that suits your doodling style better.

Need a new idea?

If you're ready to try something new, I might also suggest the hollow bead tutorial from Orly Fuchs Galchen. Look at these yummy examples.

And my newest favorite tutorial is Tina Holden's sea glass. Tina uses a whole different method for producing glass that's virtually indistinguishable from the pieces weathered on the beach. I wish I'd thought of it. Here's her site where you'll find some freebie lessons as well.

  • reply Pati Bannister ,

    I love these canes; they make me wish I caned.  I will satisfy myself with appreciating. Lovely work.

    • reply Ron Lehocky ,

      I had the pleasure of meeting Nikolina at Synergy III. She is wonderful and generous  person as well as a  gifted artist. I covet her skills. I am fortunate to own one of her zentagled window necklaces. I recently purchased both of her tutorials from CraftArtEdu and found them to be generously full of new caning ideas as well as excellent construction tips for the windowed necklace and bracelets. Definitely a value worth considering. Donna was offering a discount on the two tutorials package which I took advantage of. Maybe it is still available or we can convince Donna to extend the offer. Each class comes with a well documented and photograph full  PDF print out. 

      • reply Vanessa Betcher ,

        I love the way the black and white canes draw the eye and leaving you wanting to know how it was done! I would love to see a teaser picture here of Tina Holden's beach glass as well!

        • reply Nikolina Otržan ,

          Thank you, dear Cynthia, for posting it and thank you all for your comments!
          Dear Ron, the pleasure was all mine! I'd never dreamed I would meet so many wonderful pc people there and I think I can say with no exaggeration, that you guys have made my year 🙂 I'm glad you love my CAE classes and I'll send you couple of my tutes as well, I think I promised I would, anyway? And hope to see you in Malta <3

          • reply Dylan ,

            Those caned pieces are awesome!

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