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Vogel on PCDaily

Lorraine Vogel's polymer pendants and earrings glow with graceful shapes and layered colors that make me envious. Look closely and you may spot tricks she's learned from tutorials by Lynda Moseley and Ginger Davis Allman but the stamps, the carving and the colors are distinctly her own. She uses tutorials in the way they were meant to be used, quickly integrating them into her signature style.

Vogel on PCDaily

A graphic artist from South Florida, Lorraine brings a keen eye for balance and harmony to polymer. She has a couple of Etsy shops and you can find her on Facebook. Her Flickr photos will give you a wider look at her eye-pleasing creations.

Need a freebie?

Don't miss Margit Bohmer's step-by-step photos of her doodle transfers for some free weekend fun.

  • reply Sandra D. ,

    I like the  serenety color.

    • reply Lorraine Vogel ,

      Thank you, Cynthia!! I was so thrilled this morning to open my PCD email and see that you have highlighted my work. I feel honored…you've made my day! And I'm happy that Lynda and Ginger got a shout-out too…their tutorials are fantastic. 

      • reply Lynda Moseley ,

        I feel like a proud Mama whenever I see one of my customers featured at PCD.  Lorraine has a wonderful eye for color and composition and I love seeing how she takes the tutorial lesons and makes them her own.  These pieces are some of my favorites, but all her creations are beautiful.

         Congratulations, Lorraine, my friend, on the well-deserved feature!

        • reply Randee M Ketzel ,

          These are great–a perfect example of what every polymer artist wishes  for their ideas–that they give birth to new ones. What do we call it? Fusion? Hybridization?

           I recently heard from one of my students who took my snowflake jade tutorial and combined it with Alice Stroppels' fabulous scrap cane–the results were gaspworthy. (And for me, one of those slap-myelf-upside-the-head moments–Why didn't I think of that?!!!)

          As always, teaching is the best form of symbiosis–a win win for all concerned.

          Go Lorraine!  Though I claim Texas as my home, my natal shore is Pensacola-you make us proud.

          • reply Ginger Davis Allman ,

            Cynthia, you've mentioned one of the things I find the most fun about writing tutorials, and that's how each person approaches the same starting point with their own eye and uses their own voice to create something quite unique. When I look at my customer gallery, I can recognize each person's work instantly because they each put something of their soul into the work. Thank you so much for the continued support. And congrats to Lorraine, Lynda, and Margit for the much deserved recognition!

            • reply Lorrene ,

              Huzzah to a great post and fabulous artwork. 

              • reply Debbie Crothers ,

                Huge congrats Lorraine on featuring today.  I really love this whitewash look of yours (I remember when you first started doing it and it instantly caught my eye).  Thanks Cynthia for featuring such great pieces today.

                • reply New Feature: Customer Gallery | The Blue Bottle Tree ,

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                  • reply Yikes Studio ,

                    Love the natural forms in these!

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