Polymer pests

Lovelace on PCDaily.com

Utah’s MaryAnne Loveless¬†found an old wire egg basket at the second hand store that was perfect for holding her selection of polymer insects. She admits that the display could be confused for a buggy hat.

MaryAnne’s colorful creepy crawlies are particularly alluring at this time of year. What a great use for tail ends of canes!

See all the caned and textured pieces that she’s been putting together.

Need some polymer magic?

Maevinwrenscraft on PCDaily

Try making a wand like Maevinwrenscraft (anyone know her name?). She attaches a naturally faceted quartz crystal or other gem to a wooden rod with clay and bakes.

Then she decorates the resulting wand with leaves and vines that wind up the wooden base and rebakes. The design can become a hairstick or, without a rod, becomes a pendant. The magic continues.

Flying home

McNall on PCDaily

Page McNall provides a chipper Monday with her folkart bird as I fly home. Her 2″x4″ polymer sculpture is formed over an aluminum foil armature and then inked and painted. She placed the bird on a Stroppel cane-covered base. Page talks about her latest works (check out her designer rat) on Flickr and sells them on Etsy. You can see what’s inside her head on Pinterest.

I’ll be catching up and back to work tomorrow! Thanks for helping me out during my fabulous vacation.