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Utah’s MaryAnne Loveless¬†found an old wire egg basket at the second hand store that was perfect for holding her selection of polymer insects. She admits that the display could be confused for a buggy hat.

MaryAnne’s colorful creepy crawlies are particularly alluring at this time of year. What a great use for tail ends of canes!

See all the caned and textured pieces that she’s been putting together.

  • reply Randee M Ketzel ,

    Love Maryanne’s work! She always has a quirky twist in there somewhere. Having just seen the very quirky exhibit ‘Lifelike” at the nearby Art Museum, I am tempted to go large myself.

    • reply Mary Anne Loveless ,

      Thank you, Cynthia, and thank you, Randee. This is a funny world we live in now, to have cyber-mentors whom I’ve never met, but somehow feel their support. Your warm and friendly comments do so much good for so many people. Here’s a little bit of that right back at you!

    • reply Cynthia Tinapple ,

      Oops…Maryanne’s name is Loveless. Fixed it.


      • reply Lorrene ,

        Love LOVE these. Thanks for the post.

        • reply Mary Anne Loveless ,

          Thank you, Lorrene. I just checked our your legend rings. Beautiful! Unique!

        • reply Sue ,

          Just love her work, any idea where you purchase?

          • reply Mary Anne Loveless ,

            Thank you, Sue. What a great question! I’m looking for an easy way to monetize my website. Any ideas?

          • reply Gwen Crable ,

            These bugs are so bright and colorful. Very beautiful.

          • reply Deborah Groom ,

            These are really great. My favourite polymer clay bug artist is Wanda Shum from Vancouver Island BC. Her dragon flies are amazing.

            • reply Carolyn B. ,

              I have LOVED MaryAnne’s work for years and years. She is SOOOOO amazingly creative!

              • reply Mary Anne Loveless ,

                Thank you, Deborah. Wanda’s bugs are amazing! I’m always torn between adding more detail and having a huge swarm for my art shows. Sometimes, the commercial side wins, sometimes, the artist.

                • reply Kathy Glasgow Carnes ,

                  Mary Anne the buggy basket is the cutest thing I’ve ever seen!!!! I can’t believe how talented you are. In fact all the California cousins are. You or one of your friend’s comments mentioned wearing it as a hat. I couldn’t do it. My head would itch like crazy, thinking about the hat (even tho it’s beautiful) I was wearing. I love all of y’all.

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