Cynthia Wolff’s Waiting for My Miracle earrings look as if they’ve been dredged up from the wreckage of an undersea ballroom. Then she adds this tantalizing verse to her Etsy offering:

My efforts sometimes are futile…I am clumsy, I am inefficient…I fail more often than I succeed. But everyday I show up…and hope for a miracle.

These earrings are a cumulation of all my skills thus far. The making of my own beads, certainly a chapter in itself, has changed me once again.

I am not the same…I am moving and evolving….and sometimes I want to quit…because it doesn’t come easy┬áto me…but sometimes.

These earrings sum it all up…two years of work…showing up…they are filled with me.

Though this California artist has been collecting bits and making jewelry for years, Cynthia just picked up polymer in July. Friends around the globe gave her tips and showed her the ropes. See how she’s moved and evolved on her Pinterest board, her blog, and her Etsy shop.

  • reply Ginger Davis Allman ,

    So glad to see Cynthia recognized for the great artists she is. She did struggle with polymer at first but once she got it down, she GOT it! I love how she has been able to take on this new medium and right away she made it her own, creating pieces that worked with her rustic and eclectic style of jewelry. And I think she’s also (as we all are) a bit addicted to it, too. Congrats!

    • reply Ronna Sarvas Weltman ,

      Wow … she’s only been working with clay since July? Pretty amazing. And her sentiment of making her own beads changing her once again — that’s how it was for me too when I discovered polymer. A whole new exploration of being able to express my own voice. Cynthia’s voice in polymer is beautiful. Can’t wait to see what else emerges from this artist.

      • reply Claire maunsell ,

        Lovely to see ( and hear ) such a strong new voice!

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