Guile on PCDaily

About this time of year, we’re wishing the courgettes/zucchini piling up in our kitchens were the size of Vicky Guile’s polymer miniature versions. This UK artist’s veggies are only an inch long.

Guile on PCDaily

Vicky’s bowl of artichoke, aubergines, cauliflower and red onions looks fresh from the garden.

Those of us who started out making miniatures with our kids have a special fondness and admiration for those who can fool our eyes at 1:12 scale. See more on Facebook (NJD Miniatures).

  • reply Carol Blackburn ,

    Good to see Vicky’s miniatures featured especially as she’s from this side of the pond!

    • reply Sherry Bailey ,

      Perfection! I have done minis LOOOOONG ago, and these are breathtaking, especially compared to my crude efforts! (Well, it WAS the 70’s!! We’ve all learned a lot since then!)

      (I remember clay being so hard to find (only at dollhouse miniatures shows) and expensive (about $3 a 2 oz. bar back in the 70’s, so what — maybe $5-6 now??) that we used little wads of aluminum foil in the centers of I inch pumpkins to make the clay last longer!) Ah memories! ;^)

      • reply Randee M Ketzel ,

        I have to admit I am a sucker for well done miniatures–and these are some of the most convincing I’ve seen in a long time…Bravo, Vicky!

        • reply MaladieMal ,

          Wow, it’s look amazing, like real

          • reply Alison ,

            Love these 🙂 So well made too!

            • reply NJD Miniatures ,

              Wow, seriously I’m blushing! Thank you so very much for the feature, I was wondering why traffic to my FB page had increased, now I know why, thanks again PCD and to everyone for your wonderful comments!

              • reply Sera ,

                Look at that onion!!! You are just amazingly talented.

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