Odell Harper on PCDaily
Harper Odell on PCDaily
Harper Odell on PCDaily
Sing in me, muse, and through me tell a story.
– The Odyssey
Mari O’Dell and Barb Harper enshrine their skills
Let yourself become living poetry.


Maryland’s Mari O’Dell, teacher, and Colorado’s Barb Harper, airplane mechanic, combined talents for this portable personal shrine. As you might expect, Barb engineered the hinges, the rod for the prayer wheel and other structural parts. Mari concentrated on the poetry and the imagery.

Neither would have accomplished such a complex and powerful polymer piece on her own and their success has prompted them to continue their collaboration. Two heads are often better than one.

  • reply Rebecca Watkins ,

    That was a spectacularly successful collaboration!

    • reply Karen Woods ,

      all I can say is *WOW*… I have always loved Mari’s style and design sense! Great collaboration!

      • reply Loretta ,

        The essence of collaboration – which remains a mystery to me?!?

        • reply Janet pitcher ,

          Such a beautiful and meaningful piece of art by two truly wonderful ladies!

          • reply Maureen Carlson ,

            It makes me weep. What can get better than two heads working together to create such beauty.

            • reply Taz ,

              I love it! It is a MOST wonderful birthday gift to commemorate an important birthday. It is a beautiful collaboration full of Head, Heart and Hand. When I look at this lovely original art creation I see genius and I feel great joy. Thank you again for making a gift I will truly treasure, enjoy, and go-to for inspiration as I continue on my journey as a writer and artist. This gift is truly Love manifest.

              • reply Sandra D. ,

                Wonderful work you right two heads is better than one specially in art.

                • reply Helen Breil ,

                  I was within earshot distance as these two very talented ladies worked on this remarkable piece. They were the very essence of cooperation and collaboration. I know it was a truly wonderful and memorable experience for them. Taz, I am sure you will treasure this piece. I know we were all in awe of it.

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