Fall colors from Russia

Krichevskaya on PCDaily

More fall colors from Russia’s Anna Krichevskaya. The rough texture matches the rustic pallete which is highlighted by scratches in the layered surface. Zoom in to feel the intensity.

I enjoyed this hip, arty, quick video of the Moscow market where Anna sells her wares. Except for the language, this footage could have been shot at art shows around the globe. Here’s Anna on Flickr.

  • reply delphine ,

    Wonderful, and her bangles are exceptional too !

    • reply Lorrene ,

      Love LOVE the colors and her combinations of them. I have been scratching my work for years and am delighted to see that you like the effect. Makes the work more touchable and warmer and the colors deeper.

      • reply Randee M Ketzel ,

        Wow–incredibly lush look she has going here.

        • reply Aranthe ,

          What a wonderful combination of texture and mark-making. Love this!

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