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These art deco polymer earrings from Germany’s Bettina Welker make me want to run and build graduated canes. These beauties are samples from a class that Bettina teaches on CraftArtEdu (which happens to be available on a 25% off sale until Thursday night).

Bettina’s website, Etsy shop, FB page, Flickr and Ipernity sites are classes in themselves and lately she’s been percolating with loads of new ideas.

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Country connections

I have to walk down the lane to the small adobe wifi hut this month while I’m vacationing out west. I have to carefully schedule (and limit) my online time. Which is my way of saying, don’t be surprised if my email responses are slow or posts show up late.

I find that my head is full of polymer ideas and my hands are itching (in a good way) to get to work. But I haven’t forgotten my faithful readers.

  • reply Bettina Welker ,

    Thanks a lot for the feature Cynthia!
    Just a quick remark – I don’t update my flickr-Album anymore – I migrated to ipernity (http://www.ipernity.com/home/bettinawelker) – so every single piece of new work will be only shown there and on facebook – not on flickr anymore…it’d be great if you could update the link;)
    thanks so much again;)

    • reply Wendy Moore ,

      As always, Bettina has created something so beautiful! Have a wonderful time Cynthia. Have fun relieving those itching hands! Love to both of you from Nepal. Kopila and Wendy

      • reply Candice Bishop ,

        Lovely work, as usual, Bettina!

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