Tribal polymer cones

Loveless on PCDaily

Mary Anne Loveless has been working on conical bead designs for a while and they keep getting better and better. This Tribal Elegance set is alluring in its rythmically repeated stripes interspersed with graduated strips of color. A textured gold strip adds a highlight. Her colors lean toward autumn and you can scan through her work on Flickr.

And the winner is….

Mariona Salvadó wins the Flower Academy giveaway from Iris Mishly described in Monday’s post. Congratulations and thanks to Iris for her generous prize.

  • reply pam southernwood ,

    wow! psychodelic Daleks, love them 🙂

    • reply Thoryke ,

      Yes, I saw ‘rainbow Daleks’ as well. The only cheerful variety in existence, I’m sure!

    • reply Mary Anne Loveless ,

      What a nice surprise! Thanks, Cynthia. Pam, I’ve heard that a lot lately about the Daleks. I had to ask my students what that was:) By the way, I thought I’d give Etsy another try. These are now in my Etsy shop Sunshine4u
      along with a journal. Etsy has been sort of a mystery to me.

      • reply Amy Wallace ,

        I must say Cynthia that you chose a marvelous home page image for me this weekend. I love my job, but this (and Mary-Ann’s Flickr page) makes me want to seriously play hookie. Wow!

        • reply Pati Bannister ,

          Outstanding! I find them charming as well as beautiful.

          • reply Randee M Ketzel ,

            I Love love love Mary Anne’s work–she is consistently amazing with her color. And I agree with the Daleks comment! Perfect.

            • reply Gwen Crable ,

              I don’t really see tribal in these as much as in her other work on Flick’r. These remind me of small buildings. (And Daleks.) :oD

              • reply Mariona Salvadó ,

                OMG OMG OMG!!!!! Thanks so much to Iris and Cynthia for this incredible present!!!!! Hugs and kisses <3

                • reply Michele Reavis ,

                  I love them too! They immediately inspired ideas for my own jewelry designs. I completely agree about the Daleks. I had a giggle when I read that comment and my husband and son asked what was so funny. I showed them the picture and told them about the Dalek comment. They BOTH said “those aren’t Daleks? They look like Daleks to me.”

                  • reply Candice Bishop ,

                    I’ve never seen Dr Who in my life, but I know enough about it that my first thought was also “Wow! Those look like Daleks!”… Hehe 🙂 They certainly are pretty, whatever the design 🙂

                    • reply Dawna Sharp ,

                      I just love these. So talented!

                      • reply Deb Hart ,

                        lol I love them! When I first saw them I thought of Daleks as well.

                        • reply Cassy Muronaka ,

                          Absolutely amazing.

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