Arinovich on PCDaily

Polymer caning keeps changing and improving as these two recent examples show. The first is clear, bright and very complex kaleidoscope patterning from Anastasia Arinovich of Belarus.

Dwyer on PCDaily

Her colors remain remarkably clear even at such a tiny size. Anatasia offers a master class on her blog. Here’s her Facebook presence.

The second example is this dove cane from Maine’s Jayne Dwyer. She controls the flowing lines of a bird in flight with remarkable control and precision. Here’s her Facebook location.

Caners like these are raising the bar for caning in polymer.

  • reply Sandra D. ,

    Fabulous work!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    • reply Natalja Ivankova ,

      Well, sure glad it is here where most polymer clay fans, artists can see fantastic examples of polymer art techniques. Bravo!

      • reply Pat Wexelblat ,


        • reply Beth West ,

          Beautiful work! Canes are my favorite 🙂

          • reply Candice Bishop ,

            As much as I like the kaleidoscope, I think the dove steals the show. Lovely work, ladies!

            • reply Annie Bimur ,

              I adore Anastasia’s kaleidoscopes 🙂

              • reply Esme Holsather ,

                These canes are gorgeous! Fantastic work. 🙂

                • reply Jayne Dwyer ,

                  I’m so honored to be featured with Anastasia’s beautiful kaleidoscope cane!

                  • reply Nika ,

                    I’d love to take the Master Class with Anastasia. Is there some way to get it in English? I tried using the pulldown menu on her web site to select English, but the only English that appears is “login” and “join.”

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