Wednesday is the last day of Gesine Kratzner’s epic exhibit, River Without End, at Albina Press coffee shop in Portland, Oregon. Gesine and artist Sarah Hall installed a 300-foot paper river around the shop’s eight walls. They mounted boats, animals, bridges, sea creatures, mermaids and dragonflies on the river.

The polymer, paperclay and epoxy characters tell a story that flows around the room. Each of the mounted characters was for sale…and sold briskly. Great idea! See all the photos of this imaginative show here.

Gesine is an illustrator, sculptor and animator (featured here on PCD). She also sells from her Etsy shop, Blobhouse.

Maggie Maggio and Laurel Swetnam told me about the show where they each bought pieces like this Father and Son.

  • reply Christine Damm ,

    So much inspiration here– I loved her website and am now planning to go through her archives. This is one of those “wish I had thought of it” ideas. Thanks, Cynthia!

    • reply Barb Lessen ,

      Wow! Such wonderful sculptures. Cute! Cute! Cute!

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