Space girl polymer

Durham on PCDaily

PCD was happy to rediscover Tammy Durham, a polymer illustrator who now lives in Fort Collins, CO. (We last saw her in 2010.)

Her Space Girl on a Mission panel is complex and cheery and she shares the details of her process on her Facebook page. See how she sketches and plans and tries to keep a dust-free workspace. Tammy also keeps an archive of her earlier work on FB.

Tammy’s art appealed to me as I immersed myself in editing and uploading video for my upcoming Craftcast class on extrusions next Wednesday. We can all identify with Space Girl.

  • reply Mary Anne Loveless ,

    Just so super cool! Great composition. Great fun!

    • reply Alison ,

      Tammy work is both technically brilliant and FUN. I enjoyed browsing through her facebook images. Great work!

      • reply Tammy ,

        Thank so much Mary and Alison! So glad you enjoy my work!
        A B I G thank you to Cynthia!!! You rock this site as always!

        • reply Cindy Walcott ,

          I just love this. Although I was a little girl a LONG time ago, looking at this makes me feel confident and cheerful!

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