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Libby Mills assembled this polymer collaged 4-inch tile as she quietly worked at our table at a recent conference. Backed with a Skinner blend, the tile combines a layer of ripple blade slices, swirled extruded strings and dabs of solid colors and textures in a fall palette. Her goal was to produce a series of decorative compositions for a wall.

This snapshot of Libby’s work popped up as I prepared samples for a class next Wednesday. (It looks very Santa Fe sunset!) My new extruded disks are now on sale on the Kazuri West site and I’ll be teaching extruder tricks (like perfect polka dots).

Extrusion is an enjoyable technique that we can use as another nifty tool to cover large areas and to produce consistently-sized elements. Ok, I have a thing for extrusion, do you?

  • reply Kopila Basnet ,

    Cynthia, we love the thing you have for extrusion and love that you taught us in Nepal! We are very excited about the new tools you have made and look forward to using it. The sunset Libby made is very beautiful. Many namaskars from all of us here. Kopila, Wendy, Pramila, Sita (x 2) Gita ( x 2) Rita, Sharmila, Man Kumari, Kumari, Ambika.

    • reply Mari O'Dell ,

      Love Libby’s tile , the colors and textures just make me smile. Thank you for showing the world the wonders of extruding…a marvelous technique for the polymer artist’s toolbox. As you know, I ‘ve been addicted for years and still finds new ways to do and use extrusions every day. See you in cyberspace next week.

      • reply Jenny Patterson ,

        OK I just HAD to have your new set of disks,Thank you!

        • reply Carla Randall ,

          Jenny, I ordered them also, before I even left the PCD site! Now to come to the class and see what beauteous things I can do. Thank you, Cynthia!

          • reply Jenny Patterson ,

            I would love to come to the class, but I am going to be out of town that week.

        • reply Randee M Ketzel ,

          Ok, now I just HAVE to get my hands on the new Czextruder from Kim’s shop…..My guildmates have them and they are knocked out by how wonderful a tool it is. and such cool colors, too!

          • reply Deb Sims ,

            Hi Cynthia! It was such a pleasure to meet and talk to you at Tory’s studio. I understand there were more hijinks after I headed back to Florida. Thanks again for taking the time to share with us through PCD. I look forward to every post.
            Best regards, Deb

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