Heartfelt homecoming

Sturdy on PCDaily

Veronika Sturdy (from Prague and now working in London) brings us charming off-season dotty hearts. The texture and the individually placed dots on a slightly graduated background make a soft and romantic statement.

Veronika has heaps of works in all kinds of polymer techniques for you to explore on Flickr and Facebook. She’s a ceramic artist who googled “clay” and got thrown wildly off-course when “polymer clay” came up in her results.

Veronika’s heartfelt reminders reflect my comfort with being back home with my lusciously large desktop screen and screaming fast Internet connection. Happy to be home! Now to answer all your emails!

  • reply Veronika Sturdy ,

    Thank you very much Cynthia, it’s an honour!!!

    • reply Carol Blackburn ,

      Good to see you featured here, Veronika.
      See you at London clay day on Sunday. Carol xxx

      • reply Denise Spillane ,

        Love this and all your work

        • reply Candice Bishop ,

          Those are so cute! <3

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