Peraud on PCDaily

Inspired by a fabric bracelet she saw on Pinterest, Sylvie Peraud sketched out a similar design using polymer with a buna cord hinge and closure. She refined her design, trying varying color palettes and textures.

On this one Sylvie used extruded strings and roughly textured trims. She backs the piece with black polymer.

peraud on PCDaily

Sylvie generously documents her process on her blog. It’s reassuring to see how time spent on Pinterest can be the source of new ideas and works.

See more of Sylvie on Flickr and CraftArtEdu…and of course, on Pinterest.

  • reply Marian Hertzog ,

    Love the look with extruded clay. Her work is very organic. Thanks for posting. Makes me want some “muse time”! Hard to find in the busyness of the Season. Wishing you a very Merry Christmas!

    • reply Michelle ,

      Lovely work! It’s great when hours spent on Pinterest yield inspiration. I’d love to know which extruder was used; I’m looking for a good one.

      • reply Christine Damm ,

        Very interesting idea– I’ve been musing for a while on cuffs and bangles, as they are so hard to size and get over your hand. This is a brilliant notion– I’m wondering if the buna is inserted prior to curing? Thanks for the post.

        • reply Cynthia Tinapple ,

          I think you can bake buna. Maggie Maggio and Donna Kato use it extensively this way and might be your best source for correct information.

        • reply Moonweaver ,

          How beautiful!

          • reply Candice Bishop ,

            That may be one of my favorite pieces I’ve ever seen featured here. Lovely work!

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