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Lucie Struncova tantalizes us with these Bubbling Pebble polymer beads. This Czech Republic artist and entrepreneur alludes to an ebook but I couldn’t find it and I suspect that it hasn’t been released yet. (Let me know if you locate the tutorial.)

In these pebbles she combines unusual colors and patterns into a fresh graphic pattern. The yellows and grays update color combinations that you may remember from the ’50s. Lucie shows darker, distressed versions of her bubbles on sample beads here.

Still a teenager, Lucie (with the help of her father) has designed a new extruder and a slicer along with her own brand of clay for sale in her shop. All this in addition to an impressive collection of designs and tutorials. She brings an energetic youthful vision to our craft and you’ll want to keep your eye on her.

Her products are available through Kimberly Idalski here in the US.

  • reply Amy E Wallace ,

    She is a teenager? I suspect we’ll be seeing more and more of her, if she chooses to stick with it. Great way to start Christmas week…thank you!

    • reply Liz Hall ,

      These are gorgeous! Love her sense of style and color. As Amy noted I think we will be seeing lots of great works from her in the future

      • reply Julie Picarello ,

        This polymer baby chick not only left the nest, she blew it to pieces when she flew out. What a combination of design sense, drive and energy…and she is adorable to boot! You rock, Lucie!

        • reply Ginny Henley ,

          Holy Cow, I’m impressed to the max! It is no easy or inexpensive thing to develop a product line of dedicated tools, and she has clay to boot. You go Lucie! P.S. Your dad must be the best.

          • reply Betty ,

            I went to Lucy’s page and each item shown is a tutorial! Tap on the item and the tutorial comes up. What a beautiful talented young lady!

            Happy Holidays,

            • reply Kimberly Idalski ,

              Congratulations to my dear Lucie. She is such an amazing young Lady and everything Cynthia said is right and so much more. She has to be one of the kindest young adults that I know. She is smart and wise beyond her years. She goes to school full time. She does amazing painting and all types of art her work is fabulous and she truly does do all the e-books ** It is not out yet but I have been lucky enough to help her go over it and proof read ~ it is fabulous!!!!! I am so proud of her and so happy that her and I are good friends. The family is amazing, the business is a family business and they work very hard to bring top quality tools to the world. I am so proud to be the Distributor her in the USA because their tools really are amazing. Thank you Cynthia for mentioning me and my shop. I enjoyed meeting you and hope your enjoying your Czextruder as well. Hugs Lucie. So happy for you. Kim <3

              • reply Dede Leupold ,

                Well, this is impressive! Beautiful work! I noticed the Lucy Clay and the cutter on a FB post a few weeks ago…. I use all the clays I can cane with and noticed she does some caning too. I am curious. I would love to hear any experiences of working with Lucy Clay.

                • reply Dede Leupold ,

                  Hmmm….I didn’t post the Dede recently posted part…it just happened! Must be a new link thing?

                • reply Dulany Lingo ,

                  It is beautiful to see such a talented young person with such a supportive family. It should be an inspiration to everyone. Wish her Website had a good English translation for every page, I longed to know so much more about her Lucy clay as well as her wonderful personal clay work. I already own her extruder and it is by far the best on the market especially for ease of use. I have made canes from some of the extrusions that I would never have attempted before, and adding Helen Breil extruder disks makes them very special. I wish I had her years ahead of me to keep exploring!

                  • reply Wendy Jorre de st Jorre ,

                    I just received my czextruder from Kimberly and it is beautifully made I can’t wait to have a play with it, but Christmas is firmly in the way at the moment….. Up until now I have avoided using extruders as the one I had was so hard on my hands. I’m amazed to hear Lucy is so young! Well done girl! You are so clever!

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