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Kathleen DeQuence Anderson’s Forming to New polymer heart box will be part of this year’s Black Creativity Exhibition at the Museum of Science and Industry in Chicago during the month of February.

The box will be shown along with the works of 99 other African American artists from across the US in the nation’s longest-running exhibition of African-American art.

She started making heart boxes when her aunt died unexpectedly. Kathleen quickly created a piece in which she and others could write heartfelt parting messages. The boxes have evolved over the years and here’s her gallery of samples, her shop and her Facebook link.

This box was designed with the exhibition’s innovation theme in mind. Its rich colors, patterns and textures represent the stimuli, conversations, discussion and collaborations that feed the innovation process.

  • reply Tinnette Hemmons ,

    The collection of hearts are just wonderful…so much love in each one!

    • reply Aniko Kolesnikova ,

      this looks wonderful and very african 🙂

      • reply Barbara McGuire ,

        WOW! – This work really ‘speaks’! How delightful to have found a ‘canvas’ that carries the spirit, the delivery and the wonderment that is the essence of the artistic soul. It’s obvious your work is heartfelt. Congratulations to you Kathleen. – Barbara

        • reply Carla R. ,

          Congratulations on having your work as part of this exhibition, Kathleen. Your boxes, every one, are works of art, beauty and deliciousness. Your color choices are so vibrant and I think I want to live in your head. 🙂


          • reply Gera Scott Chandler ,

            I love the free form with so much heart- the message connection is moving too.

            • reply Ann Larsen ,

              The energy in this work really grabbed my attention. Thank you, and hope to see more.

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