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Jessica Jane is a 20-something California girl with a head full of sweet petite houses and creatures in happy colors. This group represents the first installment of her 30-day Dwelling a Day challenge. Jessica doesn’t say much about herself but a stroll through her Flickr and her blog will introduce you to her view of the world and start your week on a bright note.

  • reply Paula Clarke ,

    Wow these are fabulous. Just starting out with polymer clay and hope to make some fairy houses that look like your dwellings.

    • reply Meg Newberg ,

      These are so much fun! They make me happy! I love seeing a younger artist join in the fun!

      • reply Carole Monahan ,

        They are so cute and detailed. Then wnen you see how tiny they are it is even MORE impressive! Only someone with young eyes ( or a magnifying lamp) could acheive this!

        • reply Andrea Victoria Paradiso ,

          The sort of street I wish I lived on. I especially love the “Pink Donut House” in Jessica’s Flickr collection. Happy and cozy, colorful and innovative. What more can you ask for? I can’t wait to see the rest of your challenge, Jessica. I would say “Have fun!”, but I can see you are already doing that!

          • reply Magdalena ,

            Is this polymer clay or ceramic? Those are gorgeus :)!

            • reply Alison ,

              These are beautiful! So fun much – so well made.

              • reply Barb Lessen ,


                • reply Leslie ,

                  What’s supplies would you need to get started. Thanks

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