Interactive polymer

Hughes on PCDaily

Tory Hughes has been scouring Radio Shack stores for her latest polymer pieces.

She dismantles the small robotic toys she finds and upcycles the components to make moving sculptures.

This one is called Lurch and you can watch it dance and sway below.

Hughes on PCDaily

Cats are some of her most appreciative art patrons. Watch this feline go crazy for art that rolls and ricochets.

Tory’s Jump Spin Wobble Hop class in March is designed to get your art moving.

  • reply Debbie Crothers ,

    wow this is so cool. Love the upcylcing here.

    • reply LaLa Ortiz ,

      This is so awesome! I love moving parts! I’m doing it the hard way, studying robotics and electronics! I could just cannibalize the mechanisms instead! Tori is brilliant! Such a shinning star!

      So are you, Cynthia! Thank you for sharing this!

    • reply Kristie Foss ,

      How amazing is this! Not only is the idea brilliant, the end result is just plain fun! Truly outside-the-box. 😉 Once again, Tory shows us a new way to look at things – and polymer! Thanks for bringing this to us, Cynthia.

      • reply isabelle ,

        I just love it so original!!!!!

        • reply Mary Anne Loveless ,

          I’ve been “noodling” polymer clay and automata for year, but haven’t come up with anything as wonderful as this! Thanks for expanding the possibilities.

          • reply Beth Petricoin ,

            So Brilliant! I wish I could take that class, but alas Santa Fe is too far for me… Thanks for the inspiration!

            • reply Jeannie Havel ,

              Tory Hughes–once an innovator, always an innovator!!

              • reply Barb Alexander ,

                Oh that brain of Tory’s! Wow!

                • reply Anna ,

                  Polmer Clay…… it’s just not for earrings any more!

                  • reply Deborah Ross ,

                    What an ingenious idea! Tory’s work has always been innovative. Such fun!

                    • reply Terry ,

                      Tory, you have outdone yourself! Your art is miles ahead of the rest.

                      • reply Andrea Victoria Paradiso ,

                        Okay, now I’m in for it. So far, I’ve been applying myself to LED lights. And this did in NO WAY occur to me. Here I go to The Mad Scientist’s Lab again. Thank you, Tory Hughes, for getting me in a bunch of trouble again…lol!

                        • reply Sherry Bailey ,

                          NAUGHTY kitty! Is that any way to treat ART??? ;^)

                          • reply Fabulous Frippist ,

                            Just when I thought I’d seen every kind of possible application of polymer clay – Tory Hughes blows me out of the water. Amazing.

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